Milam County 8AM 5/31/19 Judge Steve Young Presiding:


​Bandido Patrick, Suppression hearing for unlawful carry of a weapon on Nov. 10th 2018. Arresting DPS Officer / breast piercing specialist Michael M. Tice told Patrick he was stopped for speeding, 7 mph over if I remember right. Sounds all too familiar right?


The only reason we mention breast piercing is, back in 2016 Mr Tice was involved a controversy that could have been prevented by just a little common sense. Especially in the age of looking or touching a woman can land you on the nightly news and in court. Common sense and the law, is that an oxymoron? 


Our mission for the day was to monitor the Milam County DA's and Judges behavior. After what we witnessed in McLennan County we are jaded to the system. A system that doesn't mind sending the innocent to prison.


In this case and others the system does a thorough background check then grants a CHL license and then ignores protections provided by it. 

Whats Worse, law officers on the spot can confiscate and and basically revoke ones CHL.  Ignore the law and the constitution, all without due process. No proof you are a criminal or have ever participated in any sort of criminal activity. 7 mph over is not it, what you wear isn't it, who you associate with isn't it. 


We know Officer Tice and the Judge had to take an oath that included Protect and Defend The Constitution, we would assume they would follow it to the letter. If they believed in it as we do. 


​After just a few hours of study we would match the character of Bandido Patrick any day to DPS Officer Tice.  Bandido Patrick is a 24 year Disabled Army Vet, Two Bronze Stars, A Purple Heart Due To Combat, 2 Tours Iraq, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia, Panama twice.


It makes us wonder, since Mr. Tice is also an Army Vet. What the hell? Some remorse would be in order. 

We think it's proof the system is making assumptions about people without really knowing the individuals character or background. All it can see is their own narrative, it's all they want to see. Instead they depend on documents Like the Texas Gang Assessment Report full of half truths, outright lies, innuendos when it comes to OMG's. Nothing but cut and paste gathered over decades by people who will benefit in some way.


FBI / DPS Gang Assessment Reports are not law. Both are almost carbon copies of each other. When it comes to OMG's there are a few truths mixed in with a whole lot of hype that's been created over decades by people who need to keep it going for personal, financial gains, like government grants.  


It's impossible to brand an entire organization as criminal, otherwise you would have to brand Law Enforcement as a criminal organization. We've told you again and again Law Enforcement Officers are guilty of more crimes than all MC's put together. That's not fiction!

Are there bad guys out there? Most certainly! Put there butts in jail. Don't brand the organization for the misdeeds of a few individuals. That's exactly what the Tarrant County Sheriff said to me when discussing the amount of crimes committed by police officers. That number is in the thousands each year. 


At the end of the day Judge Young said he would study it and let Patrick's Lawyer know next week or so if they are going to trial....


There are some things we learned today but lets let if play out a bit...


There are other Clubs members outside the Bandidos facing the same dilemma from our State who can't seem to get it right when it comes to our 2nd Amendment Rights... 


Just maybe Constitutional Carry would settle this mess once and for all. The Constitution is the only license we need, no paperwork needed, no background check needed, no gang report needed.