You know what that was last night on the Golden Glob Awards, just like teenage kids it's "Peer Pressure", if you want to fit in you gotta go along.  For those that could stand it they tuned in just to see if anyone would wear something other than black, but in the decade of the women you had better not do anything other than walk in lock step or your career is over... 


Peer Pressure whether to take a knee, to be anything other than a  black democrat. Peer Pressure whether in the playground, media or boardrooms. It's all the same. Bullies come in all shapes, sizes, ages, genders


It was a big show by the #1 sleaze bags in the world the entertainment industry. Leader of the night was Dopra who many think would be President. We have news for you, Dopra has always had a staff of people behind the scenes that do research create the shows, even when she was a lowly news woman. People behind the scenes have always been putting words in her mouth.


Remember these people are actors they are playing a part there's very little they do that's not scripted. We quit watching award shows years ago, it's the same 10 bad actors, recording stars, football players, politicians patting themselves on the back over and over at nausea. 


Here's a warning to all workers.The economy has turned around, there is a manufacturing boom in the Midwest and there is more yet to come. So before you consider turning the economy back over to democrats and the likes of Dopra and the Obama's