Who's been sitting on this video? Who release it to CNN? We saw "two" Cossacks with weapons everyone else was diving or running for cover, one Cossack fired from inside the patio, if he hit anyone he is more than likely in deep shit. We know they like to show the cache of knives, brass knuckles and rifles. The fact is we've looked at this video and have yet to see anyone with a knife in their hand. 


In this video there was not a single Bandido. This from what we understand is the patio where the TCOCI meeting was to take place.


This whole episode was puzzling from the beginning. The WPD visited the Cosacks leadership numerous time before May 17th. Yet there was not a single phone call the the local parties that secured the patio for the meeting? Not a single phone call to the TCOCI leadership.


One of the other question we have is just what part did undercover officer play in funneling the two groups to Twinn Peaks? We know they were personally involved in altercations leading up to Twinn Peaks. Did they have any involvement or influence on the Cossacks leadership?


This video doesn't change the fact that if LE thought there might be trouble, "which is what they have publicly stated ".  In the name of public safety once they saw the Cossack take over the patio they could have surrounded the patio with uniformed officers. A show of force, No fights, No deaths, everybody goes home safe to their families. It's that damned simple...


Sgt Swanton swears up & down there were marked cars in the parking lot as the fight broke out. Show us! Prove it! We are on our way back Wave 5 ....


​Here's the deal, public pressure and the recent news that bikers have more credibility than Waco PD & the other agencies involved has WPD & friends miffed.


Where's the video that shows the actions of LE in the parking lot? We know it exist