Today I dropped it by our local Marine Corps recruiting office in Arlington Texas. The first thing you notice is the doors are locked you must not to gain access.  The second thing you notice is the no guns allowed stickers next to the door.  After I’m not a young marine tainted the door. 



I offer my condolences for the four Marines that were murdered on Thursday by a Muslim terrorists. 


I asked them point blank can you guys protect yourselves at this facility.  The answer was no, we need help!  I then identified myself as a veteran biker and I said help is one the way.


Our government have made the facilities our troops live and work in soft targets for muslim terrorist. It’s the results of progressive liberal policies.


For decades the troops have been used as one giant social experiment by progressive politicians. Gun free zones is one of them and its a failure. Our young troops are being murdered again and again. This has to stop.


I also warned them headquarters for Hamas in the US is right here in Arlington TX. Just so they won’t get too complacent.

Veteran Bikers a new mission is coming..


​As our troops were being murdered Obama was sending out messages to muslims around the world to celebrate the end of ramadan