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Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a frickin minute. Every once in a while we'd like to see Tommy Witherspoon of the Waco Tribune ask a few questions and not be such a homer for for the Waco prosecution and DPS officers who are mind readers and know everything but saw nothing.


Tommy, Let me ask a couple of questions please...


Did the Rev have a permit concealed to carry? If so does the permit limit the weapons one might carry?


Since you did not report weapons violations I assume the he did have a permit? Tommy the answer to second part of that question would be no!


Tommy, a good friend of mine and fellow activist Rick Rose (RIP), from Coppers Cove Tx, a retired Law officer carried multiple weapons, a 44 Glock on the right hip, a 9mm in the small of his back and a 38 in a ankle holster, to top it all off he usually but not always had a AR 15 in his truck. Now we both gotta admit if trouble would have been immediate the AR in the truck wouldn't be worth a hoot. But that's another story Tommy.


Do law officers carry multiple weapons? Do they carry throw down weapons in case their victims might not be armed? According to Rick who I traveled with all over texas & the Nation on Veterans issues its a big hell yes! Many veterans are going to carry a back up but not all. I think it would be the training you've had and branch of service that influences that. 


The Good Reverend at 66 years ministers to many different people, multiple groups including the VFW and the Texas Association of Vietnam Vets. Then Tommy you ad insult to injury in your story by making sure a pic of him in the jail house orange jump suit was included. Tommy go spend the night in jail, be harassed all night and put on one of those outfits and see what you look like. It's this kind of crap that makes you a LE homer.


He wasn't wearing colors, how does it fit the narrative the looney Law in Waco are trying to show. It wasn't long ago when Waco's finest mouthpiece Sgt Swanton described a group of veteran bikers who do associate with us as "the good guys".


Hello, Hello, Dammit!  This is more like Sgt Goofy...


They have no clue of who might be good guys, no clue of whats in anyone's mind. This is who is suppose to be who's protecting us?

God help us all. 


You guys seem to be confused when it comes to good and bad people. This leads to the innocent being prosecuted, hurt or killed while real bad guys plan to kill us all.


Not to fear for there are a lot of liars that will have your backs. Waco has no shortage of thugs in office and many have pointed at this guy as a prime example ... JOP Peterson who was forced to hand over examining trials for setting 1 million dollar bonds for 177 bikers to send a message.WOULDN'T YA KNOW IT A FORMER DPS OFFICER

There Goes The Judge - There Goes The Judge


It would make us (the public) feel better if every once in a while you would grow a pair and not accept everything that comes from the law 100% truth. Have you seen the news outside of Waco? You know better and so do we. This is the very reason the media's credibility is slipping all across this country. Whats coming out of the Waco debacle doesn't help with the growing credibility gap does it?


​Next time you see these people like Sgt Swanton ask him if he still believes everyone at Twinn Peaks on May 17th 2015 was there to commit crimes and murder? Not a single one arrested could have been innocent? Maybe inquire just how weapons locked in vehicles swung into action all by themselves? Is it illegal to carry a weapon in your vehicle. What were the rules of engagement? Who shot who?


Here's a big one! If they truly thought there was going to be trouble why did they not have a show of force which would have prevented it all? Just why did they choose an ambush or a so called surveillance? Why did they visit the Cossacks and not the Bandidos or TCOCI? 


There are certainly hundreds of questions to be asked that the public needs and has a right to know and your not asking them, are you? 


Tommy we understand your situation since you do work for the Waco Tribune who's connected to and part of the "good ole boy network" at six shooter junction. Tell your editor to show some balls and do real investigative reporting.




Tommy's WT Report Below




A 66-year-old minister for the Bandidos motorcycle group pleaded not guilty Monday to charges related to the May 17 Twin Peaks shootout among rival bikers.

Lawrence Raymond Yager, of Buda, who also has said he serves as chaplain for two veterans groups, was arraigned Monday in Waco’s 54th State District Court.

Yager is on his third attorney since his examining trial in August. He was represented Monday by Austin attorney Franklin Bynum.

Four other bikers were set for arraignments Monday, but they waived their court appearances.

Bynum declined comment Monday.

Yager is among 106 bikers indicted last month on first-degree felony engaging in organized criminal activity charges in the incident that left nine bikers dead and more than 24 wounded.

Yager’s former attorney, Landon Northcutt, argued at his examining trial that the testimonies of Department of Public Safety Lt. Steven Schwartz and Waco police Detective Sam Key did not produce evidence that Yager conspired to commit murder, assault or any crime that day.

MORE: Attorney says flawed prosecution theory will cost county millions

Yager was not wearing his cuts or colors that day and serves as chaplain for the Bandidos, a VFW post and the Texas Association of Vietnam Vets, Northcutt said.
“He was wearing a Christian T-shirt. He was there to minister to people who need him. That is what he does. He is retired. That is all he does,” the attorney said.
Key testified that officers found numerous handguns, rifles and shotguns in the Toyota Avalon that Yager drove to Waco that morning.

Officers also found that Yager, a Vietnam veteran, was carrying a .44-caliber revolver and a .45-caliber semiautomatic pistol on his belt when he was detained.

He told officers he carries the large-caliber revolver in case the other gun jams on him, Key said.