What do we do when a conspiracy theory just might be true?


"War By Design"


Law Enforcement for decades have been vilifying and harassing 1% Clubs in order to try and set the stage for convictions, taking patches, creating an image and financial burdens. Taking patches not so easy, but financial burden has become a major goal.


The public doesn't realize the convictions has been far and few between, Especially the type of crimes they accuse them of, like human trafficking for example. The facts are, the truth is we know who's guilty of more of those type crimes than any group out there, OPO's Outlaw Public Officials. MC's are rarely in the nightly news.

The War they are perpetrating on us Bikers kind of mimics  the medias new tact, "it's probably not true but there is a high probability it might be". That's enough to vilify or land you in prison for a crime you did not commit, whether you be a President Of The United States or a local MC receiving a Motorcycle Safety Proclamation, hello Mr Mann / Deputy Dawg.

The majority of Americans hate chaos and that's all they've seen as the government divides us all into groups, pitting us against one another. Turn on the news it's impossible to not see.


It's not known outside of certain circles just what part CI's and UC's played leading up to Twinn Peaks and other cases. Of course we've heard former CI's tell us when there was no action they created it by fanning the flames or worse. This crap is happening everywhere at every levels of government we now find the DOJ, FBI are corrupt as hell. 


Look around, think! Law Enforcement has been a very big part of the deep state? They  are delivering chaos big time, using innuendos false narratives. Hello DPS!


Don't even get us started on the Corrupt Congress and Senate where the two parties battle night and day. Their stuck on stupid with Mad Max at the helm of the communist democrats. A never ending game of gotcha using false narratives, innuendos and minions looking for 15 minutes of fame. Who's in the lead? The DOJ / FBI... Acting as if they have never interfered with another country's elections..



Abel Reyna tried to emulate this mess but his ego got in the way. He was going to deliver them all or so he thought.

May we suggest to you prior to May 17th 2015 (or maybe we should go all the way to 2013) there was order for the many Clubs that were members of the COCI, that order continues to this day and doing just fine. Military Vets like me gravitated toward the COCI and the camaraderie that comes with it. The extra bonus for me was the political activism for Motorcycle Safety and Bikers Rights, it's not just a feel good thing as the Law falsely describes.


​It's called grass roots organizing, "ask Abel Reyna" if it works.

FBI special agent Scott Schuster testified under oath the the COCI is a legitimate organization, he also testified they had used some of their tactics legislatively. That maybe the only truth in his testimony, I could have a field day with it. 

Many of the complaints leveled at the COCI are totally unfounded and based on people that may carry a grudge or whatever. In the case of law enforcement it's about the narrative aimed at the Bandidos who actually started it with good intentions, like keeping conflicts to a minimum, order in the midst of what could turn into chaos.

Over the years things change but not in the case of the Law.


Never let a good crises go to waste and if there is not one create one.  Its not just a tool of the far left. It's a tool we see being used on us by our own government.   

We think the law has been busy stirring the pot to create chaos among the MC's not just 1% it spills over because of uninformed PO's. Some Clubs outside the COCI are falling for it, letting themselves be used. Trouble could be brewing and they (LE) are the direct cause of it all. They want a battle, the bloodier the better.

​Realize what this war by design is designed to do. It's an excuse to take away your rights using a rigged court system, look no further than McLennan County, San Antonio, Fort Worth for proof.


After May 17th 2015 till now, no one took a plea bargain. It denied them the ability to pit the Bikers against one another. It left Abel Reyna with lies and innuendos and nothing more.  Truth Prevailed. 


What Do We Do? Recognize It And Organize..