Response to a recent All For 1 Post


One Thing We Are Not - "Sheep"


It's for certain it's the one thing Texas Bikers as a whole are not. The term sheeple is political in nature meaning people follow one political party or the other like sheep. Government mind control more or less, indoctrinated people if you like? 


​In this case it was about a police officer that beat up a Doctor in a premeditated attack near the hospital he worked at. For messing with his wife and the suggestion that he might have been on the scene at Twiinn Peaks? For this we get called sheep. Wait a minute!


Maybe he has a twin brother? What's curious to us is he ends up being hired by the McLennan County Sheriffs Office after being fired for letting his emotions over ride police officer etiquette if there is such a thing. Is it the good ole boy network that found him a new gig? Once again we see a police officer misbehave and get rewarded. It's not we don't want the dude to not have work but maybe Alaska or the Mall. Might we suggest anger management prescribed by Dr Phil's back the badge. 


Now about Sheep and following "da mon" blindly.  


Sheep are unable to see the injustice that happens in police departments & judicial systems across the land,


sheep are unable to see the crimes committed by police officers,


sheep are unable to see the special treatment given to law enforcement officers.


sheep believes everything the are told by law enforcement without question and obey,


sheep believes everything they read in the fake news (waco tribune),


sheep will let you lead them to slaughter


sheep will not complain Constitutional rights have been violated m


sheep will believe motorcycle gangs are coming to get them, a false narrative put forward by WPD, DPS, FBI


sheep will believe 177 Bikers with totally different strong opinions agreed 100% to commit crimes just because a corrupt DA says so.


As A Texan, Biker, Political Activist I can tell you "no group", "no group" believes shit stinks 100% or any other topic. Just try and lead them like sheep. They never follow 100%. It's laughable..