It's hard to phantom what Little Abel's thinking is other than he's an ego driven zealot who's had his way too long. We've already pointed out the rigged system that is McLennan County along with many other Counties in Texas and the Nation.


Abel Reyna is a product of the system.


Reyna now claims with new intel from the jury he's ready for another shot at convicting a man guilty of defending himself, figure that one out? This makes one wonder just who on the jury is giving Abel Reyna advice or intel? Suspicion grows there were at least two jurors planted just in case the jury moved toward acquittal, its not beyond belief says those that know this judicial system well. They say nothing happens in McLennan County that not controlled or rigged, nothing!


In the first round against the opponent he begged for Reyna threw every punch he could throw along with the kitchen sink at the Bandidos and very little at Jake Carrizal who did nothing more than defend himself at Twinn Peaks.


We've listed about 20 items he has to correct, but the problem is they have all been exposed under oath, do you think these officers are going to come back and perjure themselves for him?


Of course we're not going to give him a hint of what they might be.


​Abel has made rookie mistakes that are glaring, but in his mind he won in this first trial he just didn't have the right jury, he only missed by 10. Now he announces his re-election campaign touting what a great job he's done. At the same time a challenger Barry Johnson steps up saying wait a minute...



In an interview with the waco tribune he said:


WT:  Reyna’s actions in the immediate aftermath of the May 2015 Twin Peaks shootout have left the county on the brink of a potential financial catastrophe.

“To me, it was a huge mistake for the district attorney to be on the scene of the Twin Peaks murders, and the reason is that it potentially exposes McLennan County to a huge financial risk and the McLennan County taxpayers are having to come in and pay the tab,” Johnson said. “Every lawyer will tell you that. You can’t take off your DA badge and go to the scene, where you have excellent, seasoned investigators there handling things.


TBR: Something we already pointed out..

“That was for ambition only. Ambition is a good thing, but you can’t let your ambition override your good judgment and your responsibility to the people you work for.”


TBR: Abel Reyna's campaign starts at about 29 grand in the hole when you include outstanding loans, "loans" loans from who? We digress!


The jury sent a message, a message that's being ignored by a man on a path of self destruction, he's willing to take the county down with him...


Let The Innocent Go Abel..