Now it seems Students & ISIS both have the government by the balls. Hate school, have a bad day, a test you didn't study for? Being Bullied?


You can fix it by calling in a terrorist threat. Whats even more frightening is our geek kids are smarter than the average government employee (FBI/DHS/CIA) and elected officials. The list of fools runs on & on. 



640,000 students in LA had the day off "Bueler Bueler Bueler". The whole Nation is in panic mode and we have a right to be. Those who are suppose to protect us has admitted they can't and blithering idiots within the congress and senate want to bring more illegal immigrants / terrorists into the country with no means of support other than welfare.


Of course the muslim wanna be kid that called this terrorist threat claims he's a victim of bullying. Everybody is a victim call a psychiatrist for us all, we're nuts to allow this to continue one more minute.



The question was asked today, are we too stupid as a nation to recover from what lies ahead. Are we too stupid to save our children's futures?


Of all the candidates running for President only one is not on the Obama immigration / muslim freight train or should we say payroll. Who is it?



Yes we said pay roll. In Texas the Baptist Christian Family Services has received hundreds of millions to feed and house illegal immigrants. 1 facility in Ellis County At the cost of $300 to $500 per what they say are children. About $9000. dollars a month per person child or whatever. $7.2 million total for an extended stay.


Here's the kicker, part of that money makes it back to the politicians in the form campaign donations. They are all in on it. This has been nothing new this has been going on for decades when grants are issued whether it be colleges or green initiatives. They are crooks who's goal is to stay in office as long as possible to ride the money train.


​Texas Biker Radio news has been asking for years for an accounting of all tax payers monies. How much has been stolen from our children's futures?




Trump And We The People Are Loving it...