In a recent rant Sgt Steroid of the Fort Worth Police Department declared this is our town. We have News for Sgt Steroid. A Google search did not reveal the Fort Worth PD as owners of anything much less the 15th largest city in America.


Good try!


Lets get away from Sgt Steroids speech and the pulling of his service weapon with a 9 yr old child near by. it was certainly great drama for those present and the videos that followed. 


But what might be the real reasons for their uncalled for visit to Wilson's Leather Goods? Jeff Wilson business is located near the Stockyards where the Mongols MC were peaceably feasting on local beverages and stopping for pics with the tourist. It's clear the hype by the ATF and Local Yokels was just that HYPE!  

It turned out to be more Motorcycle Profiling and a fishing expedition hoping to find some one guilty of any type crime up to jaywalking. Wilson business is Biker friendly and all types of Clubs frequents it on a daily basis even Law Enforcement Clubs. You would think common sense would come with these special units with a bad attitude toward anyone who isn't them. 


We've have figured out what the crime of the day was on 9/22/18 and we find it in the National Gang Report of 2015. Any Club that makes it on to that list has potentially lost their Constitutional Rights to keep and bear arms. it wasn't long ago a Bandido was convicted of carrying a weapon in El Paso TX.   MPP Story Turns out they've been dealing with this for a while. 


Sgt Steroid stated to all Club Members there not just Vagos MC  they would be hauled to jail for minor traffic violations like not putting a foot down when you stop. Normally that would not be a crime and would result in a ticket, but these are different times aye? 


Since Twinn Peaks May 17th 2015 we've done comprehensive research on the FBI and Texas DPS Gang Reports. Both are cut and Paste jobs full of misinformation and they definitely described Twinn Peaks as something was not.  Yes, it was a political meeting in Waco no matter what they attempt to say. The attack was instigated by Local Waco PD and the DPS in our view. The truth has yet to be told but that didn't stop LE from reporting their version of what happened May 17th 2015. 


The problem with these reports is they don't match what the public is seeing and hearing. You would think with all these crimes listed there would be nightly reports in the news. Instead we get this dribble of an incident here and there with long periods in between. Crimes committed by individuals that might or might not be a member of a MC. Crimes that leadership has no clue were being committed. Convictions depending on informants who are bastions of truth. Every one knows this but the law and DA's across the country get away with it because we let them.  


Oh! By the way Prospects are "not" Club Members. Sorry to burst their bubbles.  


​Until Now - Ask Abel Reyna who ruined his political career seeking higher office with lies and innuendo in court. Trying to convict Innocent Bikers along with the guilty. 


We found it interesting that one of the crimes listed in the NGR was possession of fire arms just for being a member of a so called OMG. Even if you have never been in trouble with the law. They assume you are guilty of being a criminal because of association. It's not only shades of Waco it's shades of Queensland.


 The FBI does keep statistics on what we call OPO's (Outlaw Public Officials) who commit more of the type crimes they accuse 1% MC's of than all the Motorcycle Clubs put together over a 10 year period. This includes your local Law Enforcement, Border Patrols, Homeland Security and Politicians. Each one of these Organizations could fit the criteria of a Gang with badges. 

​Unlike the BLM and what we've witnessed over the past 3 years Bikers are not ready to throw them all LE under the bus.  We understand they can see the worst of America everyday. There are good decent cops without an agenda who protect and serve. There are others that practice the art of war with high powered weapons and are more than ready to pull a trigger and then fear for their life in front of a jury.  


Let's Get Real and away from the BS.


Bikers / MC's at any level would never attack law enforcement, jurors or citizens of a city. Those type claims we've seen since Twinn Peaks are for hype, theater if you will for public consumption. Designed to set a narrative for many different reason including influencing a jury or potential jurors for up coming trials in Texas and around the country.


There are no MC's calling for the death or harm to police officers, none!


For All the reasons above we plan an event The Stockyard Stampede Ride & Rally No. 10th. Watch for it on FB - Texas Biker Radio Sons Of Liberty Riders MC.



It's our right to peaceably assemble and seek redress for Bikers across the country who simply wish to ride and exist without harassment and false innuendo being hurled at them. It's 1 % Clubs today and the riding public tomorrow because LE knows very little truth about gangs v Motorcycle Clubs. 






Interesting Video Below