If you believe in the Freedom of choice when it comes to helmet laws take notice. Turns out the new HB 748 Bill introduced by Rookie State Rep Neave Dist. 107 has legs. HB 748 has been referred to the House Transportation Committee. 


The current helmet Laws is working as is right now 65%of the motorcycle riding public is wearing helmets and that number grows each year. Because of safety programs already in place by the motorcycle safety funds programs we contribute to when we renew our motorcycle licenses. Education is the answer not more laws on top of laws.  


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Transportation Chair

Constituents of State Rep Terry Canales District 40

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Where's The Orange Jumsuit?
Where's The Orange Jumpsuit?
JUSSIE SMALLETT:  What the hell makes a young biracial (black, white) mutt actor that clearly is benefiting from everything this country has to offer go off the deep end? Why stage an attack based on racism, lies, innuendo? 


Fame, victim-ism, stupidity, needs media attention because he's not happy with the money he's making. He's worth about 500K. You would think with the success he's had since 1987 and his gig on Empire he would be worth more than that. It's quite low by Hollywood standards. Flo is worth more than that doing progressive commercials.


What Jussie been doing with his money? Something is wrong with this picture for sure. That's not the disturbing part though. The media fell for it hook line and sinker. There were plenty of signs that made anyone with common sense that the whole thing was a made up hoax by moe-rons.