So 3 Sons Of Liberty Riders MC Members take off to what "was" the Capital of Motorcycle Profiling, Ellis County. You can bet we had camera's at the ready to capture it all on video. So we buzz down the 360 tollway, then left to Hwy 287 toward Ellis County at posted speed. Remember this is a test to see if they (LE) stop Clubs that are not 1%. We know it's happening in Garland TX since a gang unit officer admitted it on video. It also happened in Fort Worth. 


Hwy 287 just before entering the City of Ennis Texas has been a profiling lightening rod of late.  Woody's BBQ in the same area can and has hosted large MC events, like parties, fund raisers and so on. Is it the perfect storm for Motorcycle Profiling?


We did everything outside of standing on our seats at 65 mph to get profiled. Each time we crossed paths with LE they were preoccupied with something else, a woman DPS officer was jackin around in her back seat and she didn't even look up. Maybe she dropped a lit doobie. 


So we head downtown to the Ellis County Courthouse, which is close to where the high Sheriff Chuck Edge hangs.  He's the guy that barely won his election. We thought we hit pay dirt, vehicles belonging to constables, sheriff department, judges, you name it. Now all we gotta do is troll. We rode, we walked and still no dice. 

Now I think what's causing the lack of activity by LE? Could it be they are grazing on free stuff, like food? We all know they get meals comped or somebody picks up the tab a lot.  
Judges That Have Their Names On The Car Are Full Of Themselves
Judges That Have Their Names On The Car Are Full Of Themselves

Looks like in the future we take lunch into consideration. We wouldn't want to interrupt their meal, "would we". Actually it was a good day exchanging salutations with people on the square in front of a Confederate Monument. We never miss a chance to inject the truth when it comes to Bikers Rights and the Constitution. 


 We're not ready to say Motorcycle Profiling has ended or curtailed in Ellis County. The quest for Profiling videos continues for the summer of 2019 and Beyond. We view it as fun and part of what we do. We're experimenting with hwy cams to monitor hot spots. We've seen LE doing the same thing on I45 & I35 just to let you know. It's the world we live in.


Next ride is belly into of the beast 5 Star Cycles Garland TX. We'll saddle up soon.