Ted Cruz Told Us It Was Broke, forget Washington DC work to on local issues. Save Texas! We took that to heart and it's the reason I can't stop to worry about the President signing the Omnibus Bill. It's maddening that they push another Bill full of pork and crap without knowing what's in it. Right now we are hearing the highlights of it all. We know one thing democrats got everything they wanted and republicans became the usual pussies they are without addressing the issues of the day.



​Trump got his military budget and that was good enough for him and I'm happy for our young men and women in the Military. When I served we had 25 year old equipment from WWll.  But I digress. 


Ted Cruz was and still is right. We must fight the battles on the home front. Texas should lead the way in fighting the corruption that exists in both political party's. For they are the enablers of corrupt mad men and women in a never ending battle for control. It's outright theft of our National and State wealth. Constantly piling on debt without remorse. 


Judge PeePee


They say politics start local. If that's true we have a lot of work to do and places to clean up. If most counties in Texas are anything close to McLennan County (Waco) we are living in a cesspool of corruption brought on by a major university, the super rich and people with big family names. Politics is now becoming a family business and not for the good of the people in our view. Many may never run for office yet they work behind the scenes. Money is influence!



​Had it not been for Twinn Peaks and the arrest of 177 American Citizens without due process we might be on a different path. An event that could have been completely avoided if common sense had prevailed.  Over a 3 year period it helped expose the corruption within law enforcement, the courts and a greedy county commissioners court. 


Our focus became laser sharp to make change where their domination has rained supreme over the people. Fear is their game with a ridged social order. Don't step out of place or we'll shoot to kill.


It's an amazing thing when you figure out the system of corruption that exists within government and the arrogance of it all. It's more amazing when our Constitution provides the ability to fight back without fear.  




Don't ever think you can't make change. Determination is required of a dedicated few. We know we've done it multiple times now and will do it again and again. 


To the corrupt within our government. You do not want to end up in our cross hairs. Do the right thing by the people, not party. Follow the Constitution and be true to you oath of office and you will not go wrong.