Another Delay

​Can you believe it another delay? Of course we can, it's what they've been doin 3 years and counting. Judges can't make a common sense ruling anymore. Not without some kind of delay and consultation with each other. Forget the frickin law, it's a collusion fest, with drinks, phone calls and golf, just sayin.  


As reported, Paul Looney argued the McLennan County District Attorney's office did not dismiss the indictment of Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity against his client, Marcus Pilkington, before filing the new charge. Looney also argued the DA's office didn't handle the indictment correctly because they used the same cause number for both indictments.


"When I was the first Assistant District Attorney any time you got a new indictment you got a new cause number," said Johnson. Forget going down memory lane, "da  Judge" (Johnson) chose to table the motion chose and kick it down the road 3 weeks.  


3 Weeks "Really"!


​The McLennan County prosecutor said under the present system. Which system would that be? The one thats in the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure or the make it as you go system of the McLennan County DA's office under Abel Reyna? My God!


Paul Loony “That gives rise to rights that are in the Code of Criminal Procedure…There is no authority for doing it this way, and it completely bypasses a defendant’s right to participate (in his own defense).”


I feel a wave 8 coming on if this keeps up....


​It's clear the court systems are broke in Texas and across the Nation. There are law officers, prosecutors and judges that don't know the law. Shit! It's like the foreign doctors at the VA. But wait a minute we don't want to insult foreign doctors.


The not so Grand Jury's still sucks the big one. Its a one sided affair that can still be gerrymandered. It's a 3rd world fix the legislature gave us, right?  


We saw the GJ in action 154 times in record breaking time...


But really something has to be done about the collusion and the good ole boy network. Fairness starts there and if they are going to continue as is there is no justice in Texas.


Just a bunch of rogue "A"-holes. 


​It's time for the immunity given to prosecutors and judges who lie, cheat, collude to end. There is no way they can investigate themselves.   


The solution starts with us, stand up, rise up. Unite, spread the word.