Although they have not given us permission to mention a name one of the Bikers that was arrested at Twinn Peaks is getting a chance to speak before at class of Civil Rights Law students today at SMU. 


We think this is big because it's giving us a chance to expose the corruption and the plight of those that fall into the hands of unethical Law Enforcement, DA's, Courts at every level. We don't think there isn't anyone who disagrees there is a massive misuse of RICO Laws  against persons or a group.  Much of it being one giant game of entrapment in our view. 


What would you tell these fresh minds of mush about your arrest at Twinn Peaks? Where to start? 


Not in any special order:


Denial of Due Process per the V Amendment?


The Right to a speedy trial Per the VI Amendment? Would you mention you had been held hostage for 3 years by a Foot Dragging DA that purposely withheld discovery to the defense your defense lawyer and the Judges that allowed it?


How About Gag Orders that violate the 1st Amendment Rights to free speech that prevent everyone but the prosecutors from speaking publicly? Prosecutor's seem to be working under a different set of rules because of Judges working within a system of corruption. 


The arrest of 177 Bikers (American citizens) without a proper police investigation that would decipher who might be guilty of crimes and the million dollar bonds by a Justice of The Peace who wanted to send a message before an investigation had been completed? The cruel and unusual punishment letting Bikers bleed out on scene, then the snide comments by jailers and denial of medicines to those that needed it. Clearly a violation of the VIII Amendment.


Do you mention the rights of freedom of assembly which was stripped away from all who were arrested? Not only that day May 17th 2015, but to this day. 1st Amendment 


For decades Bikers have been vilified by Law Enforcement with little or no accountability to their narrative.


Just maybe the one glaring thing outside of crooked DA's and Law Enforcement is the connections between them and Judges, family members, former law partners, college alumni, collusion runs a muck. 


In the end truth is rarely expressed by those who seek to imprison you for who you might associate with, what you wear, what mode of transportation you might chose. They will vilify you, terrorize you, steal your possessions, Your ability to work, take care of your family and if needed take your life from you.


All of this by a group that's guilty of more crimes than all MC's put together.