Everything slows down on the weekends, but the Trump Trains Rallies and Trump himself held a rally in Georgia. That was much needed to see him fighting for a fair election instead of the fraud that has taken place.


Meanwhile the mainstream media is fighting by omission. They simply don't report the evidence being presented by 1 thousand Americans under oath. Many more are afraid or intimidated of what they witnessed are reluctant to go public. That's exactly what the socialist progressives want.


Firing back in kind is a must. Maybe we should ask the media and all progressives what are you trying to hide? What are you afraid of? Why not audit the entire election since there are so many cases of outright fraud by eyewitnesses.


We cannot move forward without knowing this election was fair and honest...


Look for more evidence this week, at least 3 state legislatures must make decisions, socialist progressives lawyers will try to block every move to hide the fraud and then it's on to the supreme court. We do believe unless the legislators change after seeing the evidence is now overwhelming been made public..  Its making them look arrogant and stupid. Thats never stopped a democrat has it, can you say adam shiff for brains?  


In between Rallies and Trump Trains it gives a little time to think from past experiences and fast forward to today and what we are seeing and hearing from a deep state federal worker. Popeye wonders back to the days when he was a union organizer and a 30 year union member. 


When a union goes into a heated lengthy battle to union encourages a work slow down, matter of fact is they'll run things backwards, missing paperwork, missing parts, moving like molasses. In other words creating as much chaos for the company as possible, no matter what damage it does to the company and the employees themselves.


Fast forward to now, a federal deepstate worker talked of the same scenario just a couple weeks ago in a video by millennial millie (below)


Chaos has been the order of the day since Trump was elected and before. All they needed was the right crises to come along. Never let a good crisis go to waste! Whether the china virus was purposely released is a matter of opinion and who you believe. That too is chaos. 


America we've got a real problem! There is time to save the Republic now it requires a massive effort on our part. First we "stop the steal", then we vote them out in a fair and honest election. That's going to require a Trump win in the state legislatures or the supreme court. That requires us to to be loud, very loud in protesting voter fraud. Using rallies and massive email, phones calls.    


That's not going to happen under a Harris administration and I did say harris. Biden has already hinted he might get some kind of disease and step aside... 


Of course neither one of them would be running the show. We all heard of the global reset. Yes, they are eagerly waiting in the wings for the final gasp of a free America.


It's the very reason we created Constitutional Warriors  , we need keyboard warriors to help fight back, it's called responding in kind using their own tactics..