Searching For Mr. Mann - Code Name Deputy Dawg.


You remember this guy, right? He' the former White Settlement (WS) City Councilman who went into a rant because he thought Bandidos were present during a Motorcycle Safety Proclamation at WS City Hall. When we found out he was also a Tarant County Sheriff''s Deputy we went a lookin to see what he looked like. Found his FB page which didn't mention his place of employment. Just some pics in his Karat-tay outfit. 


The only way to figure this out was to look at his FB friends "BOOM"! OMG we share some of the same political friends. You can bet I'm gonna make it a point to run in to Mr Mann as the political season goes into full swing. I have questions about his attitude toward Bikers. You can bet I will be wearing my cut and I want pics or video.


Since he is a politician he is now a public figure and can't hide behind a badge for his behavior. It's now open season for his foolish comments on a subject he knows very little about, MC's.


Unless someone else steps up Mr Mann could be the MC profiling poster child. I hope the WS City Council Meetings are on video. If so we want it. Along with pics of Mr Mann in full uniform. 


Here is where we stand 6 months away from the next Texas Legislative Session. The Big 3.


Twinn Peaks: The largest single event where 200 plus were Profiled resulting in 9 Deaths, 23 injured, 177 arrested, 154 Indicted.   The innocent were held hostage for 3 years. The cases have been falling apart for months now. 


Austin TX: Video of Biker Cody King being profiled and forced to strip on side of road.


White Settlement TX: Mr Mann Tarrant County Sheriffs Deputy / City Council Member goes into a rant and resigned over what he perceived to be Biker Gang Members. In Particular Bandidos. He profiled everyone present using the intel he learned as a Sheriffs Deputy. 


​Everyone of these events and more were caused by erroneous data from the FBI & Texas DPS. Data put together by biased men & women. Data that's obviously out of date and flat out wrong in so many cases. People are being killed wounded, sent to prison over a false narrative that's been perpetrated for decades. 


If you are Profiled no matter how small you think it might be. forward it to or send to the Motorcycle Profiling Project. and take the survey 


Get video if you can..