A U.S. District Judge has signed off on a 90-day injunction barring the Dallas Police Department from using what's called "less-than lethal weapons" — like chemical agents and flashbangs — to disperse protesters who are not posing an immediate threat. TBR: Who decides immediate threat, a social worker?

The agreement also says the department can no longer fire impact projectiles, like rubber bullets, for any purpose. TBR: Real Bullets Okay?

2 "peaceful angelic protesters", Attorney Michelle Simpson Tuegel says she's seen temporary restraining orders given for this type of force in the past, but the Dallas ruling is different.

"For people who don't know, a preliminary injunction is actually more and longer and actually, we believe, provides more relief than even a restraining order which is what we've seen in most cities," Tuegel said. TBR: Relief for who? Looters?

The agreement is in effect until Sept. 9.

Meanwhile, the 2 angelic protesters have filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Dallas and the police chief on behalf of people injured in recent protests. TBR: People who put themselves in harms way with unruly mobs.

In a statement, the Dallas Police Department says it's "the department’s policy to resolve incidents requiring law enforcement intervention in as humane and safe a manner as reasonably possible." The city attorney’s office is currently reviewing the order.


TBR: DPD like other PD's across the Nation are on the run from protesters who are not always innocent. Progressives, BLM, The Kids of Anarchy has seized the moment and are winning. Liberal cities and businesses will buckle to the pressures to come.


Everyone is taking a knee. How about you?