Since Twinn Peaks we've been working to expose the corruption that exist between Law Enforcement at all levels, the Courts & the media who gives them cover. For over two years they've had their way and people have suffered because of it. Times looked bleak for all. Will the innocent ever get a fair shake from a system rigged to ruin your life with lies and innuendos, a system that will brand you a criminal with little or no evidence to prove their case. 


It's a new age with aggressive Citizen Reporters who now fill an important void the media no longer provides. "The Search For Truth". Little by little the truth has come out both locally and Nationally, exposed like never before, the brutality of law enforcement at all levels are on our TV screens and news media everyday because of the cell phones and social media's ability to get videos out fast and on the spot. We seen beatings, false arrests and murder by police officers aggressive tactics.



Law Enforcement's own militarized aggressive behavior has actually helped launched groups like the BLM and Antifa who have been backed by political operatives of the far left. No matter what color or who you might be you are more likely to be beaten or killed by a police officer than any member of a Motorcycle Club who are not gangs.  



New age reporting in McLennan County is now exposing how the courts go about backing the Laws False innuendos and Lies perpetrated against the innocent. McLennan County Judge Struther has now been recused from the trial of 3 defendants. It's been obvious he was biased from the start. Now a fourth motion of recusal (another word for disqualification) comes Judge Strother's way. Jake Carrizal, who's lawyer's motion sent potential jurors home laughing has joined in with other Pitt Bull lawyers looking for fairness in a courthouse that doesn't seem to know what the word is. Judge Struther should now do the right thing recuse himself and save the embarrassment.

The fact is the collusion between the courts, the DA's office & law enforcement  has shown a fair trial for Bikers cannot be had in McLennan County. It's falling apart because of the arrogance of men in high places that should be expunged by the citizens themselves, in other words drain the judicial good ole boy swamp.


It's time to move the trials to a fair impartial jury can be found or jurors should revolt against a system gone mad with power.


Sooner or later someone's going to take another look at the system that's failing the people, locally and Nationally. 


It's there for all to see and we are gonna show it to you because we know what they are up to. A grand show with courts full of law enforcement, officers trying to sway the jurors or acting like the court room audience reporting every move and comment. it's all about labels and the ability to deny Constitutional Rights.