Some may think the Third Strike was not a success. While we were not able to have the entire rally we did accomplish our mission. We did escort the hearse to Waco and it did pass by Twin Peaks on the way to the Courthouse.


The bikers names, who lost their lives, were called out and we had started reading the names of the wounded and the wrongfully incarcerated when the evacuation was called for by the Sheriff’s Dept. 


Was the rally cut short? The answer is yes. Did we accomplish the mission? The answer is definitely YES. The barricades were in place, and there were plenty of Deputies there. Actually whoever perpetrated the incident by leaving the mysterious cooler and suitcase cost the city and county much more than if we would have been allowed to just do the Rally and Memorial.


One could say that perhaps we have received a message that they don’t want to see us anymore because we are attracting attention. Are We going to stand down, HELL NO!! Thus


You have asked for it and now we are delivering it, a rally and protest in Austin followed by a return visit to Waco.

The 4th Wave "Special Delivery" -


We are going to Austin to send the Governor, Attorney General & our State Reps a Message. We are not criminals, we are people just like everyone else, "we vote"!

A sea of Texas Bikers / Clubs in colors to deposit all of their stamped letters or post cards into our special Mail Box. We are drafting a letter that will be a guide (or just cut and paste). What’s in the letter may not be as important as the count. "Go Big or Go Home"!

Special guest speakers are being lined up. They will be announced as they agree to come some have committed, as we verify we will post their names.
Just so we do not leave Waco alone:

There is always a mission behind the mission,

After the stamped letters / post cards are collected in Austin, for those that can we will ride up the highway to the downtown Waco post office to deposit the letters.

Its a poetic that all the letters be postmarked "Waco"...

We've already notified the Waco Sheriff we are coming back that day. They brought up the fact that there is a football game that day. We said good.


4th WAVE ‘SPECIAL DELIVERY’ SEPTEMBER 26, 2015. Mark your calendars. For all of you who have had objections to Waco now there is no excuse.