Presidents Trumps speech was nothing short of great and to the point "return government back to the people". Now if you care to you can listen as the whacked out media parces and dissects every word as if they know the meaning of each, get ready to puke. Like everything else in today's media it's guess work, innuendo, outright lies and goofy comments. 


If you like us folks with common sense you get tired of talking heads telling us what we just heard. Even Fox News is guilty of boring us to death with their opinions, yak yak yak without saying anything meaningful to us or we hadn't already figured out.


Sorry CNN no attempts on the President life today, Obama, he gone!!! Get over it!


Let us say this, Trump is a different kind of President. He's a man that demands excellence from those around him on time on budget, respect the peoples money.


The Swamp: If party elites (republican / democrats) think they are going to continue the rope a dopes they've been getting away with for the last 40 years we think party elites will continue to pay at the ballot box in the years ahead. Many are up for reelection within the next 24 months.


As President Trump said, the politicians have prospered at the expense of the people. "All people" white, black, Hispanic or any ethnicity. You have to look no further than shut down factories, poor performing schools, run down inner cities across the country after decades of promises unfulfilled. Party elites are proud of their titles, party politics and are full of themselves,


Trump is proud of America and wants to rebuild what's been lost. A Great and prosperous county that serves the people who pay the bills for it all...


Note: There is going to be all kinds of comments comparing former inauguration crowds, please realize many of the tickets were bought by Hillary supporters way back, when like her thought she was a shoe in, oops! Sorry about that! Others shouted out not my President, well, good luck. Hillary will never be your President either. 


Lets hope the winds of change come quickly, maybe we should contact party elites like Chuck Shummer, Nancy Pelopsi, Mitch McConell, Paul Ryan and lets them know, get off dead center and your ass...Let's retool and rebuild, jobs, jobs, jobs...




Mel Popeye Moss