Lobbock TAG
(TAG) Centers are funded by grants from the Criminal Justice Division of the Texas "Governor's Office" to support targeted, regional approaches to combating gang violence. 

This includes partnerships between state, local and federal law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to closely coordinate activities related to the prevention, intervention and suppression of gang-related crime and violence. Of course they be runnin around giving themselves plaques, certificates and medals as crime soars across Texas gangs or no. Maybe they might go on a weekend jaunt to a OMG seminar with drinks and ho's on the tax payers dime?  


DPS supports each of the six TAG centers across the state  (correction the DPS doesn't support anything without tax payers dollars) — with locations in Houston, Irving, El Paso, Lubbock, San Antonio and McAllen. Additionally, at "Gov. Abbott's" direction.


So now Gov. Abbott announces 3 more "Confusion Centers"  to collect data by biased individuals who stand to profit, either monetarily, advancement, politically. It's the 3 things that fuel what we see going on now.


What's maybe worse is the fact there is no oversight of the data going in and out of these Confusion Centers, shall we say "0" quality control, something Popeye knows all about. oversight by the DPS aint it, we proved them to be a lying bunch, along with prosecutors and Judges across Texas. Can you say Waco?  As we've pointed out the Governor and his minions don't know shit about MC's, it's the very reason they are know going beyond the scope to anyone that they think looks like a so called OMG member.


Like the Gang Unit Officer In Garland TX Admitted He Was Profiling Countrymen MC Members For What They Were Wearing. May We Point Out Our Patches Are Constitutionally Protected. "Get Over IT".  


It's now moved on to Violations of the Peoples Constitutional Rights. The Rights of the every day Motorcyclist & Clubs to move freely without interference for what we might wear, peacefully assemble, freedom of association, our 2nd Amendment Rights. 

Gov. Abbott and many Law Officers are talking out of both sides of their mouths when it comes to our Constitutional Rights. We now have a politically motivated campaign of harassment aimed at motorcyclist and Clubs who are not street gangs.


When it comes to motorcycle Clubs, police gang units are worthless and a waste of tax payers dollars and we are going to prove it. We've already showed the lies, innuendos and outright corruption that came out of Waco / McLennan County with the DPS, Waco PD and the McLennan County DA's Office. They actually tried to send hundreds of innocent Bikers to prison without a thought of their Constitutional Rights as American citizens and most of it based on what they might be wearing. It continues today, lead by the Governor of Texas & the DPS.  


In one of the most recent DPS Gang Assessment Reports Stated:  

Bandido's Frequently wear their gang colors, insignia, and riding in large groups. They seek to turn public sentiment in their favor by organizing frequent charity runs.


Now when we read that we thought how "hilarious". Just what part of that is illegal and who says Charity events are not just that. It's help for someone in need, clearly someones vision is skewed by hate or disinformation coming out of the DPS. ...



I''m Just Sayin...