Ellis County: Friday the Sheriff told everyone in patrol to find any reason to pull over and arrest any biker that is in a biker gang.  A deputy arrested a biker last Thursday for not using his blinker. Of course we already know about the Mi Raza stop that happened a few weeks ago. 


In March 2020, he is up for re-election. He only won by 150 Votes. That's nothing to overcome in Ellis County (full of Bikers). It was reported he fired Deputies that tried to help elect his opposition. If it's not illegal it's certainly unethical to install friends, fam and former employees if he did so? Of course we know nepotism runs a muck in Sheriffs Departments around Texas.


His response when the media asked: Where do you believe a citizen's rights come from?


Answer: Charles E "Chuck" Edge: The Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of Texas.


 He's clearly not a Constitutional Scholar, he's all about violating your Constitutional Rights, Biker or not. He's talking out of both sides of his mouth like many do. He used his status as a veteran in his election campaign, it's sad to see what he's willing to do to many Veterans that are Bikers and in Biker Clubs. We get a Waco feeling out of this bunch and we'll certainly be in town soon.  

It is obvious that we won’t be exempt from the harassment based on what has happened to some of the riders we know in Ellis County the past few days and weeks. We are still gonna ride there and we are still gonna have fun. Regardless of moe-rons lead by the Governor.


It's really stupid for Law Enforcement to think they don't have people within their ranks that have family members that not only ride Bikes but are members of various Clubs. Nobody wants to see a family member arrested, hurt or killed over an over zealous political campaign by the governor to get people into a database of erroneous information.


If there was oversight that's exactly what we would find as in Chicago.


In the latest video we've looked at a Bandido had his Bike searched (video) without a warrant nor permission in Fort Worth Texas. One thing the officer did was get them both off the highway and into a safe place. That's something we've been bitchin about for a while now. They're going to get themselves and Bikers hurt or killed holding them on the side of busy roads and highways for periods of time. We've seen too many of those types of accidents in the DFW Area.


There is one thing for sure. Plenty of Law Officers don't know the law themselves. They end up bullying you into things they have no right to do. Just because they are nosey aint it.  Make sure you file a complaint when you feel you have been treated unjust or had your Constitutional Rights Violated. 


Bill Smith gave a good talk about what you must give up during a traffic stop tomorrow night he will be on our podcast #335 Titled "Investigations R Us"....


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