Main Stream Media Weaponizing The Coronavirus


It doesn't take much brain power to see the Media and unscrupulous politicians   attempt to weaponize the coronavirus. For 3 days they've been repeating the same U.S. death count (9) as if were rising. It's obvious there is a blatant attempt to drive the economy into the tank by creating panic and passing blame.


For the most part here in Texas it's business as usual as Texans head for the polls and going to work. Panic is something we don't see other than from our televisions.


Medical professionals have told us.To help prevent yourself and prevent spreading this virus, wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands, keep hands off your face, don't use hand rails, keep your distance, fist bumps. In other words common sense. 

Yesterday 3/3/2020 we went on fact finding mission to our local Parks Mall where people gather. Our hats are off to the only business that has hand sanitizer available to customers, Ramon Delight Pizza & Pasta. Even the big brand boys like Chick Fil A, Subway, Sonic Matter of fact there was not a single hand sanitizer station at any Mall entrance.

Beware Your Children