Judge James Morgan of Bosque County did the right thing by recuseing Judge Strother from hearing the cases of bikers Thomas Paul Landers, George Bergman and Rolando Reyes.


It has been obvious that Judge Strother was biased from the start  His testimony before Judge Mathis exposed an arrogant little man who could care less about the truth and the Constitutional rights of those who come into "His" court. Seems as though the DA's office was guiding his moves and he was more than willing to help the prosecution. It was attorney Casie Gotro who said to Judge Strother she could not defend her client against two DA's.

There are all kinds of Motorcycle Clubs the majority has some kind of mission whether it be charities, child advocates, veteran / military causes or ministries. Our Club Sons Of Liberty Riders MC is a Riding Club, but we are also a political group made up of Veterans & Patriots who's Mission is to Protect & Defend the Constitution and those who've had their Constitution Rights violated. For the past 3 Legislative Sessions we've been Members of US Defenders and TXCOCI we've have worked closely with other US Defender Members on Motorcycle Safety Issues. Members that were caught up in the Twinn Peaks debacle.  


So we can tell you we know what we are talking about when it comes to US Defenders and what the meeting at Twinn Peaks was all about. It was certainly nothing that Waco PD and other Law Enforcement has described it as.

#1. It's not unusual to move a TXCOCI meeting from one area in the Region to the other. Many if not all of the members would think nothing about it. That particular meeting was good news since the message of SB 754 was the important topic of the day, not the Cossacks, the Waco PD or any other Law Enforcement group that was hiding in the shadows. SB 754 was about freeing up 17 million dollars in Motorcycle Safety Funding that the DPS was not utilizing. There is no way 177 Bikers were there to commit any type criminal activities much less murder. 


We knew Bikers were being vilified within the first few reports coming from the media (1st time we had witnessed fake news), a frenzy of false reports regurgitated word for word from Waco PD spokesmen Sgt Swanton and others like CNN. We watched in disbelief, as 177 people were arrested using cookie cutter charges. We knew for a fact many of them we knew were innocent, people that had no criminal past nor did they participate in any type of criminal activities that day or any other.


The fact is every Biker in Texas and MC members were in shock, there was no organized efforts to head to Waco to retaliate, none, zero,zip, zich nada! Just more fiction & drama for the media to regurgitate. 


We're not sure Able Reyna made up the fantastic stories Sgt Swanton spewed by himself. We feel that was a collective effort from a system that has the power to vilify and shape a false narrative and come up that 177 people could be charged with the same crimes of conspiracy when most were witnesses at best. 

Here's the deal, these groups have locked arms so many times they can act fast to come up with a scheme within hours and they did. God Bless anyone that gets caught up in the McLennan County Judicial System in anyway.  


It could be the Cossack's could unravel the whole thing if their testimony reveals they were coerced or encouraged in anyway by Law Enforcement to confront the Bandidos at Twinn Peaks or any other venue before Twinn Peaks. We think there is evidence to prove it. 


​National Headlines have proven the FBI been compromised / politicized at all levels. Former FBI director James Comey was actually drafting a get out of jail free card before the investigation had really gotten underway or completed. "Laws For Us Laws For Them". The DOJ under Obama wasn't any better.

It's been amazing to see the amount of corruption that allows those in high office and well connected individuals walk from the crimes they have committed.


It's not Bikers encouraging people to go out and assassinate police officers. It's people like the BLM, Antifa, George Soros, the DNC, Congressional Black caucus and a host of progressive politicians that fans the flames of hate. Yet these criminals walk around feeling they are invincible because law enforcement itself has turned corrupt and turns a blind eye. Especially the FBI / CIA who has been compromised by political appointees and federal workers who are actively working with progressive political parties. Selective enforcement 100% is politically driven. 


This is who Able Reyna is trying to lock arms with. It's pretty hard for us on the outside to figure out if the corruption is top down or bottom up? It seems as though one is feeding the other. In our view the lower County courts corruption is more about money and some politics, the federal courts are pure politics. Both will throw your Constitutional Rights out the window.


Whats worse is there is a never ending supply of corrupt individuals coming out of the Nations Colleges