The McLennan County Commissioners threw down the gantlet against lamb duck Abel Reyna by not allowing him to exceed the budget already set for this year 2017, some kind of lamb duck law provided by the State Of Texas (state local government code section 130.908).

From what we understand he's already exceeded his entire budget with all the grand standing for the Bandido Jake Carrizal trial that included a 3' tall fence designed to keep the people in the courthouse from attack by the 7 dwarfs. 


Our friend Albert Stahl explained it this way in a recent post at AF1.

Lame-duck spending limit enacted for Un-abel. 1st time in history of Waco any commissioner has voted for anything but more money for this un-elected, disgruntled "public" employee. Raises a serious question about future $500,000.00 security circus tents and bicycle racks that need to be erected around the Criminal McLennan County Courthouse .


Plenty of money to send Jarrett to San Antonio for the R&G trial, though.


Whoa! Wait a minute, why would Jarrett be wasting tax payers dollars in San Antonio? Especially when they are going broke or soon will be. Is it to get him out of the office so Reyna doesn't have to look at him? The Judge in that federal Case has already pointed out there is no connections between Twinn Peaks and what's going on there.  

Maybe Jarrett was sent begging for scraps waiting for a "hail marry" in a last ditch effort by Reyna on his way out or is it just going through the motions, birds of a feather flock together? 


Roger Bennett asked:  Why doesn't anyone come and say that the Cossacks had no legitimate business there at the COC&I meeting? They are not members of COC&I.


It's true the Cossacks are not members of the COC&I. COC&I meetings are sacred ground, neutral territory if you wish. CI's worth a shit should know this.


What rank and file members of the Cossacks were told up until that day has been explained different ways and we certainly don't know what the truth might be.


By design there has yet to be a single trial of a Cossack even close to making it to a jury. Call it luck that Abel Reyna decided to arrest 177 people instead of leaving it to Waco PD to find who might be guilty of crimes committed, then Reyna himself turns out to be an OPO and allegedly under investigation by the FBI. 


Testimony of the Twinn Peaks manager made it obvious to the public what was going on, Cossacks were the agressors. The law was fanning the flames in a dangerous game that took innocent lives along with the guilty. They put the public in danger to gather data or so they say?


Our Mission on All For 1 FB, Texas Biker Radio, Sons Of Liberty Riders MC sites has been to defend the Constitution and those who's Constitutional Rights have been violated, free the innocent which includes all COCI / US Defenders Members, not to pin point those who might be guilty of crimes. We do this by exposing corrupt governmental systems that violates citizens rights, Bikers or not. 


Yes, Bandidos and support Clubs are Founding Members and participated in political programs. The programs were started for righteous reasons. #1 in my book is to avoid what we saw happen in Waco by allowing MC's the chance to know each other and work on positive agendas like motorcycle safety. Something we all have in common. It's Not just a feel good thing as the law describes.  


Who's guilty of crimes has yet to be sorted out and may never be by multiple rogue law enforcement agencies and DA Abel Reyna on the word of CI's from Podunk Texas..

Note: Real News Men outside of main stream media with years of experience like Radio Legendary, Aging Rebel and others dig for truth. Some times the search is a hit and miss project when a very few actually know.

We cannot know what was in the minds of any other Bikers outside of COCI / US Defenders who were there to hear of political issues of the day. Of this we know because we helped spread the news at Region 2 COC&I the same day May 17th 2015.


We've actually walked the halls of the State House in a effort to improve motorcycle safety and other motorcycle issues such as profiling. All within the framework of US Defenders.


Unlike the law we cannot read minds. Who claimed all Bikers were there conspiring to commit crimes and murder. Nothing was further from the truth.

The law and Abel Reyna have buried the truth by denying, hiding evidence to punish the innocent. We feel there is a "turf war" going on between these different OPO's (Outlaw Public Officials), trying to protect their own and methods. The FBI OPO Gang is exerting it's power over Abel Reyna's State OPO Gang. Sound familiar?  Liars all using the same old methods held onto for decades.  Unlike Biker's they have the ability to lie and vilify, try to make the actions of a few the actions of a whole group.  

From the very beginning it was made obvious that the local law failed to contact local members of the COCI they knew personally to express their concerns.


WPD are as much responsible as those that insisted on a fight and caused the death of so many.

Abel Reyna and the law have screwed it up so bad the guilty may actually walk.

Take a little satisfaction in that we have ruined Abel Reyna's political career...







mel moss says...
"Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric Fuchs said during the trial that as part of the racketeering acts, Portillo declared war on the Cossacks in 2014. And, while other attacks on the rival bikers are part of the federal case, Fuchs said Waco forms no basis for the charges against the former Bandidos bosses." (3/28/18)