When Tyranny Come A Knockin what are you going to do when your family and livelihood is on the brink? Do you sit idly by when others are thriving at your expense? It's hard to believe this is still happening in Texas, but it is.


The owners of Infamous Ink is the latest business owners to say enough, we can open and follow the guidelines of the CDC as other businesses have done. Zac and Chonna Colbert are each being fined up to $1000 everyday. TBR News has no doubt businesses like Tattoo Parlors and Bars can operate safely and better than many businesses that were considered essential. Public transportation for example, there are potential virus spreading stations all across the State that have gone unchecked.


It's enough to keep liberals indoors until a cure comes along if ever. Just sayin!


What worries us most is the city they operate in is Waco Texas. We are very aware of the good ole boy network of law enforcement and the courts that operate within McLennan County. In the video below Zack Colbert describes law officers as civil who has twice issued citations to him and his wife are just doing their jobs. We have reasons to be skeptical of the courts in Waco who've shown very little tendencies for leniency. 


Make note that not a one of these people that are issuing and enforcing the rules of tyranny has lost a dime of their income, not a one has had to get in line for food, medical treatment or even PPE equipment.


But yet the City / County will try their best to make an example of Infamous Ink and it's owners. It remains to be seen how many other business owners are going to hide in fear of their on government. A government that's supposed to be By The People & For The People. The perpetrators of tyranny hate it most when the people stand up to expose those who would rule over us like Kings & Queens to be obeyed without question. Guidelines are just that, they are not law. 


​It unlikely Infamous Ink will get the support that beauty salons got in a recent Open Texas battle. It's a total different thing when it comes to women's hair and the passion of women. But the one thing brought out in the tussle was the fact women would go underground to get their hair done. Its obvious the same thing could be happening in other businesses that have close personal contact with people. It's a fact people went underground for dental work. So would the government rather have a business open in plain sight for all to see? Would they rather an underground network hidden from the spies and snitches among us hired by Mark Cuban? Just Sayin!  


​It's time the "State Of Texas" gets out of the business of killing small businesses. It's amazing Texas is shut down based on what's happening in New York and other States where they live on top of each other. 66% Of those infected were stay at home victims...


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