Dear Inspector General,

We are not sure where to start because of multiple layers of OMG Gang Databases. We've been told that our Sons of Liberty Riders MC (Houston Chapter) is in a gang database in Houston. When we called to ask why and how we got into this database we were first told those questions are handled by the night shift. Then we were told we could not speak to anyone with the gang database because 90% are undercover. We are perplexed how our Houston Chapter got into any gang database. We’ve not been profiled on the side of the road. We are not a support Club for any other organization or Club. We do not wear 1% patches.

We are an open book for anyone to see. We are a political group. Our Mission is to defend the Constitution and those who’ve had their Constitutional Rights violated. We’ve been doing this for close to a decade. We encourage Motorcyclists to vote and get behind legislative issues. However, we do come into contact with I% Clubs who may be involved in political issues of the day. Could be the Council of Clubs & Independents, Texas Defenders which are legitimate Political Organizations per FBI testimony and on our experience as a legitimate political organization.

On top of our Houston Chapters predicament, we’ve found one of our DFW Chapter Members has also been put into the gang database. That gentleman hasn’t been on a Motorcycle in over 3 years due to a head injury from a Motorcycle accident. He has never been profiled, has a CHL (vetted as a non-criminal), has a top-secret security clearance (a must get for his job). He's one of the nicest, kind individual you’ll ever meet. He has no clue how he got into a OMG database.

Since then we’ve asked our Members and others to check and see if they are in a OMG database in Texas. We’ve found not only our members but others have made it into a gang database with no criminal past.

Because of the cloak of secrecy, CCP mambo jumbo and run around answers we’re not sure what the criteria is for getting into a OMG database. It seems to us there is very little oversight if any. Not one Motorcycle Club is banned from existing in this country, our patches are Constitutionally protected by the 1st Amendment.

The mission of these gang databases has gone beyond the scope to include all motorcyclist. It totally depends on the department, the officer and attitude toward Motorcyclist and Clubs. Like one Garland Officer says “well if your going to look the part”.  There seems to be no standard or protocol.

The potential to be stopped and profiled is high in certain areas of Texas. Even taken to jail for minor traffic violations based on what you might be wearing, a OMG database, who you might or might not associate with. We know there are no guilt by association laws but that’s exactly what's happening in many cases including ours.  Again we are not a support Club or 1%.

In our analysis, these databases that we pay for through our tax dollars are flawed and nothing more than hearsay. The data itself is from biased individuals who’ve bought into a Narrative that MC’s are criminals. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our community is made up of everyday American citizens and Veterans, with jobs, families, mortgages and so on. What connects us all is the Love of Motorcycles.
Please understand 1% was born from hype and innuendo in 1947, it continues today by those who stand to profit or benefit in some way. They need a Boogie Man. Don’t get us wrong we know they are not the boy scouts.

The fact is no Motorcycle Club would ever be involved in trying to overthrow the government, attack a community, be involved in a mass shooting, attack the police or attack a jury or courthouse. Many of us are Veterans and here again we find ourselves being vilified by our own government and the media. We’ll never get use to this, ever!

Over the years we’ve collecting our own data through videos and we have proof. The Motorcycling community, 1% or not complies to every demand no matter how absurd. Even though we see a campaign of harassment and intimidation we are not bitter. We know Law Enforcement is needed with proper tools and guidance. This isn’t it.

Because of the secrecy surrounding OMG Databases and lack of cooperation in getting answers (we assume this is by design). Our options are few other than a very public campaign.

It’s amazing in the DFW area Police Chiefs and a Sheriff asks don’t paint our Departments with a broad brush just because of a few bad apples (One Police Officer in Dallas has been convicted of Murder and the other in Fort Worth soon will be because the Black communities will demand it).

Yet that’s exactly what happens to our community on a Daily basis throughout our State.  We’re not sure what happened to the merits of the individual as Law Enforcement sees us as criminals and continually paints us with a broad brush with many false innuendo's and narratives?

It's astounding we can be made a criminal on the side of the road just by being entered in a OMG database. Even though no crimes have been committed by a Club or individual. These Laws totally circumvents our Constitutional Rights on the spot. No Officer should have that kind of power.

We write to you in hopes of some kind of answer as to how this happens? All we’re doing is seeking fair treatment under the law. Not special treatment for those who commit real crimes. Thats on them.

Mel “Popeye” Moss
President Sons Of Liberty Riders MC