For decades its been a Poop Deck Tradition to defy logic and ride the mightiest of hurricanes out. Bravado and drinks for all. Lets hope they were at least sober before they put their faith in the Galveston Sea Wall and the timbers that the Poop Deck is made of.

Poop Deck 


But who the hell wants to be logical when you watch the illogical news with reporters standing out in 100 mile per hour winds with metal, palm tress, waves and high water knee deep. What the hell makes them special to defy the call of the media, the police, mayor, the governor. We can understand the president since no one listens to him anymore.


I've talked to others and its kind of crazy when we find ourselves rooting for a rogue wave to sweep a reporter out to sea or get bashed by a piece of roofing. If we can't choke the media's sorry asses maybe the weather can. 


Last night and today we watched as the media desperately looked for damage and death. So far some damaged signs and roofs, a 58 yo lady died of a heart attack, first reponders claimed weather was too bad to help. Somehow this doesn't set well with me when our Hero's are no longer hero's hiding in shelters while reporters jump all over the eastern seaboard.


Something is not right in our crazy mixed up over hyped scared world.


Understand the Coast Guard and The Navy goes to sea when hurricanes come.. 



Arms Not Extended Big Fail 

For many who see the media acting like fools by deny all commands of authority guess what? By God if they can do it so can I! What a great chance to play and show off a little and now we can facebook live. Wow!


Well not to be outdone by Texas folks on the East Coast are gettin in on the act with a Hurricane that looks a little over hyped by the media. Lets look at some of them at play:




Ultimate Selfie
Dinasaur Suits Love It
Dinosaur Suits Love It
14 Years Old
14 Years Old


Has The Poop Deck started something here?


Respect,  MM