Isn't it odd that government would use a "conspiracy theory" to convict a person, a group, an inanimate object like a motorcycle who really can't think or move to commit murder on it's own. Never the less it gets charged too, God forbid we use common sense, huh? 


​A conspiracy to commit murder using everything from mind control, ESP, eye contact, hand signals, coded words and for good measure lets add smoke signals. Three or more people conspiring to commit crimes in a day and time when no two people can agree on anything much less murder. They tried to tell us this is whats in the minds of 177 people.


So now "they" are mind readers? How's that working out for us since they can't seem to stop terrorists or school shooters before they act? Looks like Me
Looks like Me
It gets even harder when you have a group of alpha personalities clashing with one another. It's hard to get a decision on where to eat lunch and they want us to believe Bikers conspired to commit crimes and murder. You must dig deep within the FBI rhetoric to find out what they really think. 


Mind control worked on the Cossack's, right up until the gun fire started? Just how many ran toward the fight? So much for mind control and brainwashed robots. They signed up but not for that.


Just to top off the "Conspiracy Theory" our local yokels throw in a wild eyed story of Bikers coming to town to cause chaos and God knows what? With guns, stolen C4, hell bent on getting even with the Law.   The media eats it up in a frenzy, waiting to see more blood. Weeks years spent hammering the narrative into the minds of the public, basically brainwashing the weak minded or those not in the know of the MC world. In the early hours one lone voice Bandido Gimme Jimmy goes to the media to explain none of this is true.


That is a Conspiracy Theory and basically how it works to sell books, make movies and convict the innocent along with the guilty.


I made it real clear how much I hate conspiracy theories on last nights radio show. Concocting a narrative to fit an event to sell you a book is one thing, but using it to send someone or group to prison or ruin their lives is another.


The FBI / DOJ in particular have gotten real good at it. With the ablity to send out teams of investigators with endless budgets. What we see going on Nationally is sickening. They say these government entities have been politicized, I tell you it's been that way all along. Jack Booted thugs of government which can be used against political opponents and the people.  People they perceive as a threat, not to us, to them. 

It's so bad we find ourselves rooting for the guys they told us was bad. For over a year now it's been Russia Russia Russia. They along with the media set the narrative for the public to consume. Russia diddled in our election in 2016 they say. Thinking we're too stupid to realize our country has been doing the same thing to other countries elections for what maybe a century? What do you think the CIA does?


​Then it gets ramped up when a political party infiltrates the ranks these government agencies. It's now a whole new ball game. Everybody is in danger from their wrath if they perceive you as a threat to the their narrative. I know I experienced it when the IRS came after our local Tea Party (mostly people in their 50's 60's).

The way Tea Party's were set up is to protect members. When the IRS asked me for a memberships list I politely told them to get F**cked, we have no members, then they wanted to know if we gave speeches and what our meeting were about. Just to top it off they wanted to know the pass words to our websites. That made the National News. That law suit against the IRS was settled this year. 

What could be worse you ask? It's when our local and State Agencies start trying to mimic these rogue entities of Federal Government. We now know this is not a theory, this is real. The difference is money and manpower. Unlike the Feds in most cases speed is needed. People have been sent to prison using these methods along with snitches fearing threats to imprison if they did not produce a story or evidence that fit the narrative or theory.


Government is never going to change this. It's up to us to find it, expose it. then work to find like minded people that we can encourage to run for public office. It's not a Conspiracy it's the world we live in now..