We’ve already told you that Abel Reyna had it all laid out in front of him a young conservative Hispanic with a cowboy sounding dialect. That’s something the good ole boys and elite party leaders can live with. This is something both parties will drool and fight over to chase the minority vote as misguided is that might be.  It’s kinda like Joe Biden describing Barrack Obama was a clean black man. Look at the faces of the politicians in McLennan county you get my drift.

Look out across the land no matter what politicians might do they are rarely held accountable.  And make no doubt Abel Reyna is a politician. Politicians today are full of themselves and think they’re accountable to no one and are invincible. 



Why not we elect them again and again.


That being said, they can be beaten by a small dedicated group of activists.  It wasn’t that long ago I told a story in front of a group of bikers in Elm Montt Texas.  In The Story a small dedicated group of ten, five were children, we removed an incumbent Texas state representative from office, a darling of the Republican Party in Tarrant County (we replaced her with State Representative Tony Tinderholt). The meeting / charity event was the launch of the Sink Swanton Campaign. Sargent Swanton was trying to cash in on his 15 minutes of fame (telling lies & innuendos in front of the national media) our goal was to keep Sgt Swanton out of office, "Period".

Fast Forward Nov. 2017, Diane Patrick’s problems were nothing like Abel Reyna’s which seem to be multiplying by the day. The political landscape is changing the people are sick and tired of seeing politicians and other public officials never never been held accountable.  It is in our hands to change it. It’s time we the people take charge by removing the bad actors in both parties.  Take a hard look, are they honest, believe in the constitution and your rights as an American citizen. Clearly Abel Reyna does not fit the bill. 

Please understand that there are people in the background, powerful people, rich people, the media controlling or trying to control the outcomes of every election and most every candidate. A high stakes chess game is going on all the time 24/7. There's not many politicians that can't be bought and it looks like Abel Reyna is one. 

If you want change its time to organize, they are out in front, but were use to catching up, “no problimo”. 

We can't guarantee success in removing an incumbent, but we start by informing the public, investigating all candidates and expressing our concerns directly to them. It doesn’t take that much to get involved and we’ll be telling you how you can contribute in the coming weeks.