Last Call Vote from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


When look around at the people running for office today in Texas, what do you see? Just look at your choice in candidates. For the most part you see the rich and well connected running for office. Now its a tag team of husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, mother and fathers. All with big family names and history. People who are use to having their way. We promise you it's bad when it becomes the family business, "bad for us" in most cases.


 Shortly after the arrest of 177 Bikers in McLennan County we started looking into the political side of the equation to help us understand what and who was driving this machine that ignored due process and the Constitutional rights of so many American Citizens without a real investigation on scene.


There were many reasons for the failure to prevent the tragedy at Twinn Peaks #1 the effort to prevent it was half hearted to say the least. those that organized the event were left out of the loop, never told of law enforcement concerns. they never had a clue what was coming at them as they tried to set up for a meeting. But once it happened the main driving force behind it all was Abel Reyna who took command. Full speed ahead to the Governors mansion or so he thought.  


Abel Reyna now finds himself sucking eggs with a formidable opponent Barry Johnson who also has Waco roots and the Lawyers hounds nipping away at his credentials as a DA in the image of his Daddy. Abel Reyna is not his Daddy and if his dad advised him to arrest 177 Bikers and deny due process he's no better.


Abel Reyna is now hiding from the Voters, trying his best to survive the primaries. It's up to McLennan County Voters to seize the moment make a statement. We've had enough!


Of The 177 Bikers He Claimed Were Guilty Of Conspiring To Commit Murder Abel Reyna has Released 58 So Far Including Some Who May Be Guilty Of Crimes. All to avoid going under oath. What's he hiding?


Corruption in the Corts in Texas runs amuck, reigning it in starts in McLennan County..