After watching much of Jake Carrizal's testimony a couple of things have really stood out. 


Professionalism - Being the best you can be as a Club Officer, Club Member, Motorcyclist. as a Human Being. 


Proudful - We think toward the later stages of his testimony Bandido Jake Carrizal made it clear he was Proud of who he is and the fact he is a Bandido.


The standard has been set. Professionalism & Pride in our Clubs, Community, Ourselves as American Citizens. It's a new era for the men & women of the Iron Horse, embrace it! 


We think Jake was his own best witness, he made it clear his Chapter did not start fights and they surely would not run if pushed up on. The more he embraced who he is the stronger his testimony got, we are not a criminal street gang, we do not participate in criminal activities, we must have jobs, we are good citizens, husbands, fathers, brothers. He was not going to run and leave his family alone to fight outnumbered and trapped.  


Security, not only for the Bandidos but all Clubs was and is an issue. We seem to be in the age when riders are beaten on the roads over what they might be wearing. Riding alone or in small numbers can be dangerous for many reasons including breakdowns and traffic. Even our small Club does a security check before we hit the road in any direction.


Jake was right when he said the COCI meetings are sacred grounds they did not expect the Cossack's would show in mass and take offensive positions. 


Everyone has the right to assemble peaceably without interference from others. The Constitution works for all Clubs / All Americans.


Embrace it!