541 Americans Have Been Killed By Cops this year. We're not sure Justine Damon who was murdered after calling 911 is counted in that number. On Saturday night Ms Damond called 911 to report a possible assault behind her home. After the squad car shows up she was speaking to the cop on the drivers side when the Muslim Mohammad Noor Minnesota police officer sitting in the passenger seat shot through the driver side multiple times, striking Justine Damon in the abdomen.


It's reported she was still on the phone with 911, the whole incident plus one officer giving CPR was recorded. Body cams and squad care cams where not recording or that's what we are being told. Per Minnesota PD policies all should have been recording. 


It's now Tuesday afternoon and the Minnesota PD has yet to explain how and why this happened. Unlike Waco they are having a hard time putting together a story that will sell to the public. Since she had a duel American Australian citizenship the world is waiting.


There's no way to vilify and connect her to a group of outlaws identified by the FBI, she wearing pajamas not colors. She doesn't fit the mold of people they've been given the OK to execute. We're sorry to disappoint the BLM but white men are #1 on that list. 


Since Twinn Peaks where 9 Bikers were gunned down 20 wounded by police officers hiding in the shadows we've been looking for the root causes of police shootings. It's damned sure not sympathetic trigger finger or I fear for my life, those are excuses, no more than cover for their actions.


We find the root causes are:


#1 training or the lack of, the interactions with the public are pitiful and disturbing.


#2) Hype created by the police departments, outside sources and the police officers themselves.


#3) The ability to cover up & Vilify with the help of the judicial system.


#4) Militarized tactics with the use of overwhelming force. Judge, Jury & Executioner in 2 minutes or less. 


#5) A revolving door system that's created dysfunctional people on both sides of the law. It's growing!


The innocent can get caught up by being in close proximity, wearing the wrong clothing, being a certain ethnicity or group, attending a meeting wrongly identified by the police.

Officer Noor MPD (the shooter) has offered what's said to be an apology or sorts. He called her death an event. We think that is rather callous and shows the difference between his culture to ours. He offered not one hint of explanation to the family of Justine. Noor claims being a police officer is his calling.


We don't think so. Prison should be just around the corner if we can get a conviction. IF?