As of right now the arrest of 177 Bikers at Twinn Peaks May 17th 2015 is one of the best examples of Motorcycle Profiling in Texas. Innocent American Citizens were arrested in mass because of what they may be wearing or who they might associate with. As we all know the TXCOCI is made up of many diverse Clubs & Independents. Many within the organization work Ministry, Political and Motorcycle safety issues. This form of profiling is out of hand in Texas. 


It's proven by the collapse of the first trial and subsequent dismissal of pending cases. Not to mention the end of Abel Reyna's reign as DA in McLennan County and maybe the end of his political career.


We feel there is an opening for success in the next Texas Legislative session. We urge you to get involved. California just passed a Motorcycle Profiling Bill out of committee and on to the house floor. We are waiting for the particulars of their success. 


Approaching your State Rep in Texas or any other State in America is not monumental or something you should feel uneasy about. Its simple be professional be courteous. Explain your concerns and work to maintain a relationship. Maybe make a small donation or work on his or her campaign if you have the time.


On top of that, the work continues to expose how corrupt our law enforcement, courts and government has become. Every time you get the chance slam it home using social media to contact family and friends.


We can start local and work our way up. We have enough ammo (info) to make a difference. Proof is in Waco where the narative has fallen apart! We must use it "big time". In the coming weeks and months we'll be posting videos and holding seminars on fighting back the false narrative and the dangers of government gone wild. Using the crimes of a few to convict a whole group is wrong.