Well, howdy everybody, Texas bikers & bikers across the Nation & beyond and welcome to The Sasquatch on the road report #8


Sponsored by The Sons of Liberty Riders MC. & texasbikerraido.org  well folks here we are in the Middle of an so called Pandemic . In my opinion this is an deliberate attack on our country by the Comunist Government of China . And not only our Country, but many Countries all over the entire world. And a lot of damage has been done .


I'll focus on America because that's my home that I promised to defend ! Many thousands of older people have died from this covid 19  virus because they had a weakened immune system from other ailments and were more susceptible to it or at a higher risk of contracting the disease. They have been taken from us and we are left with no recourse to change that, well at least not in this lifetime .

But that is only the beginning of the damage . Our economy, our jobs and livelihood and are small & medium size businesses have taken a terrible hard hit and some will not recover, because of this Biological Chemical warfare unleashed by the haters of freedom & our way of life . And a lot of people are hurting now because of this outlandish attack on our country & many other countries !


That brings me to the fact that I took an oath in my younger days to defend this country from all threats  foriegn or domestic. Salute ! And I take it seriously. And what I have seen by the Democratic States Governors & other elected officials and sorry hacks of the deep state in our Government who have embraced the leftus is more than apolling.

Yes the Demonrats . And they have tried several times to unseat our duly elected President its been one attempt after another to take down the defender of the American people . First it was Russian collusion and then it was a phone call to Ukraine and one false narrative after another to try to Impeach and take down the best President to ever hold the office because he beat Hillary and ruined their petty little plans to destroy America ! He has endured smears and besmerchments and lies of unimaginable magnitude  against his character that would make a lesser man give up and resign, but not Trump he keeps focused on the task at hand and let's all the B.S. go like so much water under the bridge .


 I salute you & thank you President Trump Yee Haw ! You've got brass balls & guts to go along with them,Yea that's right ! But It's easy to see that the party of hate wants to do as much harm & damage to this country as they possible can by keeping it shut down and making people shelter in place, (stay at home) while your jobs & businesses evaporate never to recover from the collapse of the economy in many cases ! Why would they do that you may ask ? Well I can tell you for a fact that these people will do nothing at all unless they are going to get something big in return and it must be some kind of an offer to make them commit treason against their own country .but most of them have no conscious at all, they are only worried about money and taking care of their own sorry assess as the turn coat Traders that they are !

Yes that's right they are working for the New World Government  in an attempt to bring America to its knees and usher in Socialism and hand us over to their control .Well I might as well say it Communism, by it's true name ! It seems the NWO has offered these Trader's  positions of the Elite's in their New and Evil world Government ! And all they have to do is regain power and hand America over to the control of the N.W.O. ! Now are you starting to understand where all the hate is coming from against President Trump ?

He is trying to give the American people back the control over their destiny & our Country, God bless the USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 ! And pray for protection over our president ! The Demonrats want to assinate him, they must not succeed ! Where do you think we would be now as a nation if Hillary R. Clinton would have won the Presidency ? O, I think it would be somewhere like between a rock & a hard place, yep that sounds about right at the very least, in dire straights & because of this biochemical attack a lot of Americans are wondering how to start over & pick up the pieces .

And we are having direct threats and attacks on the freedom of Speech and the right to peacefully assemble, Attacks from within, Democrats like A. Cuomo Govenor of New York State who has tried to ban protesting, and claimed it is the law a direct violation of the bill of rights and other devious acts, and many others who are going on a unlawful power trip, and Governor & Billionaire J.B. Pritzker of Illinois to name a few sorry POS. Not to mention their direct assault on our 2nd amendment the right to own and bare firearms ! They are constantly working to undermine and destroy the Constitution and our freedoms and again they must be stoped if we are to survive as one nation under God .

Fellow bikers I know that now is the time to stand up and tell these tyrannical & treasonist haters that we are not going to take this shit any longer . I know that all we wanted to do is Ride our motorcycles and be left alone but they wont see it that way so Yea, scream it from the roof tops, & take to the streets in protest .This is our country and many of us swore an oath to defend it and uphold our Constitution ! And that's what we at S.O.L.R MC. are doing, to the best of our ability.


Are President & Cofounder are putting out the word on texasbikerraido.org along with a special guest our National Sargent of arms Geezer ! And everyone in are club agrees that we must stand up & push back now with a loud voice and we are, and we can use all the help we can get ! Their is power in numbers, It's time to reopen America back up & if I may borrow some famous lyrics "pick up the broken pieces of yesterday's life"

And regain our freedom before they succeed in taking it from us ! We need God more than ever to hold them haters back as long as we stand with God who can stand against us ? United we stand ! I stand with God because in the end I'll be on the winning side in righteousness ! Hear no speak no do no evil !  God bless us, everyone !

This has been the Sasquatch on the road report #8 .

Keep your eyes peeled on texasbikerraido.org for announcements on freedom and protest rides being coordinated by Popeye & OG & The Sons of Liberty Riders MC. And as always keep them cell cameras rolling if you get profiled by law enforcement we need all the evidence we can get ! Ride safe and keep the rubber side down ! P.s.
I didn't mention my soap box, but thats because I stayed on it all the way from the start to the finish but then we have the God given right to be bitchen loud & proud in these trying times Sasquatch SOLR MC.