It's amazing when the government goes after the Constitutional Rights of American Citizens by branding them as criminals/criminal organizations to cover everybody within that organization even though they may have never been involve in criminal activities at all, ever!  It's even more amazing the selective enforcement that goes on by all these different government entities. All the while Federal pals and misfits walk from their crimes.


They will not only brand you but stay after you for decades. If they can't break you one way they will try another. Such is the case with the Mongols MC who has now been convicted of being a criminal organization via crimes past (no current convictions). We all knew that one day they would shop till they found a friendly jury that would convict, we've seen it before. They even did it without all the drama of extra security and high fences.


Of course the Mongols are not the only ones who in the government cross hairs as criminal MC gangs. Just look in the FBI gang Assessment reports they've been putting out for decades. Copy and Paste pieces of shit they are, using the same old data again and again. That gets passed onto States like Texas for them to Copy & Paste using the same piece of shit data adjusted to fit their favorite targets. In Texas you can find one, guess who? In these reports you can find the most likely to be next in your State.


How In The Hell Can They Go After Your 1st Amendment Rights?


Especially after a little study you realize government entities are guilty of more crimes they accuse Bikers of than all the so called MC gangs or any MC put together. We all know government entities have been involved in gun / drug smuggling (CIA -ATF). Not to mention groups like the BLM and the DNC who we directly blame for the deaths of police officers that continues to this day.


My God we have government entities, cities, states, protecting criminals not of this country, people not protected by the Constitution and have no rights to even be here. Protected by the law and courts to the highest levels.


Times change And Clubs Change


We feel the reason for this ongoing attempt to destroy our culture is because we have let them vilify without ever "Pushing Back". They've described every Club out there and anyone on two wheels as criminals, thugs, thieves, dope dealers, gun runners, prostitution rings, human traffickers and domestic terrorists. Not true! They've indoctrinated the average Cop on the beat into believing the flow of lies are true.


And we have not said a word but in court where the judicial system can lie with impunity, backed up by the main stream media... 


Until Waco 2015


Two MC political activist MC's Son's Of Liberty Riders MC / Los Pirados MC and a small band of supporters took on the Law and the County DA (who has been removed) to "push back" with the truth, three years and counting..


The Battlefield is widening, "Push Back"

Waco - Fort Worth - Lake Dallas - Hamilton

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Sons Of Liberty Riders MC

Defenders Of the Constitution & Those Who've Had Their Constitutional Rights Violated