Depending on what source you use Texas has approx. 450,000 registered motorcycles. Everyone of the owners and their families should be alarmed at the lies, slander and trumped up hype that has taken place toward bikers in Waco.


To see bikers that we know were innocent, locked up held captive with million dollar bonds has taken the alarm bells to a new level for us all in the biker / two wheeled community.


If you can be arrested for simply being in the same facility as what the law describes as a gang, just where are we at? Is the law now whatever they (law enforcement) wan't it to be? Are judges who were former police officers visions so skewed they would jail the innocent and hold them as long as possible, knowing not all could be guilty of a crime?


If the feds get their wet dream of taking away patches, what next? riding in groups? T shirts? Would it be just because your on two wheels your identified as a potential criminal and subject to illegal stops and searches?


From what we hear that's happening now. One biker stopped 8 times in 3 days in the DFW area.


Does The Constitution, The Bill of Rights have any meaning? Does Law Enforcement reflect the rest of our dumb down society to the point they don't know anything past the 1st and 2nd Amendments if that? - Click The Pic please read,study, become informed.


450,000 is the makings of a new political power. We must come together, we must get politically involved....A peaceful protest in Waco is the first step .


Next would be joining a politically active motorcycle group like Sons of Liberty Riders RC (not affiliated with the National Sons Of Liberty or Join the All For One Rally and Protest on Facebook


Or you can do nothing and lose you rights, your freedom

Jen Czerniak-Italiano says...
"Im super hyped and wont let any external forces or even internal forces stop my passion. This has been foreshadowed since I was a little girl.." (6/4/15)
Tom Hayden says...
"Agreed, I've been riding Harleys sense 1964 and have been pulled over and harassed more in the past year than the previous 50 years combined. " (6/11/15)