As we keep digging we're finding out there are "more" than a few bad cops, judges and corrupt political systems. its now an official epidemic. Waco has just exposed it all with an arrogance like never seen before. Well, maybe not.


This is not the first time we've seen Law Enforcement become judge, jury and executioners on scene in Waco is it? We've pointed out that black Americans have had enough of it, but rioting and burning down their own neighborhoods doesn't really do much. It backs up and justify's law enforcement's treatment of them until they're caught killing.


​The system all across the country is more corrupt than the people being jailed. They have a license to steal and kill at will. The war on drugs is a money making machine for LE and a total failure for the American tax payer.


We've already pointed out the politicians have built themselves an empire off of our backs. The 3 branches of government now works as one and its all backed up by the main stream media. If you hear the words public private partnership know the fix is in. 


This corruption filters all the way down to state and local governments. they can seize your money and property at anytime without cause or on trumped up charges like the 170 arrested. You have the right to remain silent but it pisses them off if you do.


Please realize the Greeks are dancing in the streets as they go broke over government overspending and incompetence. Guess what? We are on the same path. We are not going to take it so well when government steals your life savings in another massive bailout scheme.


Every bit of this is our fault for being self centered and ignorant. Everybody wants some one else to handle it. Well, we are now witnessing the results of it all. Corruption is everywhere. This is not a video game for Gods sake.


​We think Waco exposes what's coming our way if we don't stand up. Out of control government hates the light being shined back on them. Especially when their caught red handed.


its obvious Waco PD and their crooked judicial system is in hiding. The battle starts here and now with a 2nd Wave of protests. Waco PD step up show the f_cking video.... 


You have options - You can get involved or


Do nothing How's that working out so far?