9-11-2001 / 9-11-2015
Never Forget




That’s the mission and the reason we Honor those who died on 9-11-2001, the people that were going about their daily lives, the first responders who went in to save them, our young brave troops who were sent to take the fight to the enemy.

This morning I watched as the names of the victims were called out by family members. It was mentioned that no politicians were allowed on the podium. That happened in 2012 when the families and organizers wanted politics out of the ceremony. Many think that was a political move in itself. The families are not happy with the course our country is on.

For me the reason they should not be there in the spotlight on such a solemn occasion are many.

#1. They do not deserve it.

Since 2001, 14 years later. Our borders which 19 Muslim Terrorist from Saudi Arabia came across are as porous as ever. Lax immigration policies of the Obama administration has exacerbated the problem.

After the Boston Bombings it was learned 15,000 Saudi students came into the country on student visas that never reported to class? Where are they now?

Homeland Security, ICE, Border Patrol officers along with the congress and senate members who have sworn to protect and defend this country are actually helping smuggle illegal aliens into the country by their actions and non-actions.

The Iranian deal has made it clear that this President has gone rogue. Nobody likes it, nobody wants it, side deals no one knows about, Iran becomes a nuclear power quickly, they’ve sworn to kill us and wipe Israel off the face of the earth, but like everything else with this president "by god" he wants it and the progressives in both parties are going to give it to him. 


After 14 years, thousands of lost lives, tens of thousands wounded, billions spent and pissed away. This president has climbed in bed with the enemy. The rules of engagement for our troops guaranteed the enemy’s survival. Those ROE’s were responsible for over 14,000 wounded soldiers. Not only has he abandoned the battles fields, he has allowed the enemy to reconstitute itself into an even a larger power, now known as ISIS. Special Ops as good as they are will not win wars, failure to commit to win will prolong wars.

Our military was never told to design a plan to do whatever it takes to win and winning is when the other side says we surrender, we’ve had enough.

The middle east is in chaos as Kaddafi predicted, mass migration has started and the enemy comes with them. When you win territory you hold it. You should never have to fight to regain it.

Obama plans to bring in 100,000 Muslims refugees into this country. 100,000 people with them comes their screwed up religion which demands they be muslims before anything else. They will not assimilate into the country. Look at Europe!


Republicans whine they do not have the votes. Did that ever stop progressive democrats? They always found a way to block or change the rules. Its mind boggling that the leadership pussy foots with this President. Have they all been bought off by mid east oil money? What else explains it all?

Our children and grandchildren are doomed if we do not find the courage to stand up.


Millions of us need to be in the streets demanding this president be impeached now!
Military vets, police officers, tea parties, unions, 2nd amendment groups, everybody who believes in the Constitution.

Please understand the largest terrorist cells in the country are in and around our universities / colleges who are whores for foreign money.   

Why are we not in the streets bringing this country to a standstill over this President?
We pay now or our children pay big later..