As we watched all the talking heads in Houston yesterday and today we noticed maybe a little bit of jealously creeping in since Texans helping Texas was upfront and center for all the world to see. A Coast Guard Representative said Americans are helping too. Yes they are but, the scene of thousands of Texans not waiting on government to help their neighbors speaks volumes. Without them and the Cajun Navy where would we be since the 1st responders were overwhelmed?


Rescues continue today as parts of the Texas Coast and Louisiana gets relief from the rain. The work gets harder from here believe it or not. We have people in crowded shelters in uncomfortable conditions, nerves are short and frayed not only from their rescue, but the condition of their homes and the unknown. Now it's time for the government to move and fast to relieve these conditions.


As far as Texans Helping Texans goes, they ain't seen nothing yet!


Our Hearts are breaking when we hear stories like this. 





A 3-year-old Texas girl was found shivering and clinging to her dead mother Tuesday after the pair got stuck in the floodwaters brought on by Hurricane Harvey.

The Beaumont Police Department on Wednesday identified the drowned woman as Colette Sulcer, 41, of Beaumont. The name of the child, who remained hospitalized Wednesday in stable condition, was not released.

Beaumont police officials said the toddler was doing well and had been reunited with family.