CGI Underminig The American Workers from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.


It's terribly hard to get the American people to wake up to reality, especially minorities who continue to have hope that doing the same thing like supporting the same candidates over and over with little or no results for their communities. Creating prosperity requires good paying jobs, not government handouts. Over the past 30 years they have put faith in the Clinton's in particular.


One has to wonder at some point what the hell is going on? Democrats have failed at every corner except enriching themselves and friends. Recent emails and a look into the CGI Clinton Global Initiative part of the Clinton Foundation explains what the hell is going on. No wonder they wanted separate servers.  


This is all about one world government combined with super corporations who look for the steady stream of migrant workers, not to help the country but enrich themselves. Understand why the Clinton's did not want you to see Bill Clinton's speeches made before the corporate execs that made them rich.  


We are surprised this video has not been scrubbed, too late now we have it. Its sickening. Where's the fucking American Initiative? How many of our politicians in both parties are in on this destruction that worse than NAFTA.