When we arrived in front of the McLennan County Courthouse and there were no Sheriff Deputy's or barricades it gave a sense of victory for several reasons. We had no idea when we were asked what are you guys coming here for your winning by the Sheriffs Department?


​Not only have the lawyers been winning in the courtrooms, we have been winning the financial battle, the county is tightening the screws on the budget. For 6 of the 7 Waves there were Sheriff Deputy's everywhere, Sunday "1" in the adjacent parking lot. Some said there were more inside but we can't count what we don't see.  It was always worth it. A tank of gas vs 20 - 30 law officers on overtime. Until this one, we'll work to bring them back.


 Whats next?


A State Wide Campaign to stop any State Funds To Bail Mclennan County out over 1 man's ego. It's not fair that our hard earned money would be used for a DA's quest for higher office, not to mention the violation of Constitutional Rights, due process and the allegations of corruption by former officials with Abel Reyna's office.

The Texas Attorney general has already told them no help..

Lets ramp it up!!!


​There are millions of Dollars in liabilities headed McLennan County's way. $268,000 has already been given through a State Grant. The County is shuffling money around to cover costs and eating it up fast  and they are still at square one with no end in sight with Reyna at the helm.


If the Voters want to continue the with Abel Reyna they should be willing to pay for it.