What we've seen out of the Democratic party over the past weeks is an all out effort to protect the swamp and elites in both parties. Their vision after once again knee capping Bernie Sanders is Joe Biden. Now they're pitching a mix of former Presidential 2020 candidates and Obama retreads (John Kerry "Really") as cabinet members. Lets save America and the Universe by going backwards "again".


Protecting the swamp and the deep state is paramount in their view, not saving the people from the coronavirus or taking care of the needs of the country. In reality there is not a dimes worth of difference between the 2020 Democratic candidates. It's in our view they represent a giant, job, economy, Constitution killing machine that's backed up by the main stream media.  


The truth is they're going to paint themselves as moderates. The past 3 years tells us they are anything but moderates as the mob and radicals like them has taken over the Congress.


So they've painted themselves into a corner with reality vs fiction.

Reality is the congress has done very little over the past 3 years other than obstruct and endless investigations. There are serious Bills before Congress that hasn't seen the light of day.


The latest is their behavior during the coronasvirus. Fanning the flames of panic and efforts to drive markets down. Cheer Leaders for death and destruction of the American People. Reality is they don't care, it's all about them and power.


Remember it's We The People, Not The Elites In DC.


Do your Due Diligence - VOTE!