Resolved Oh Hell No!

Clearly FBI Director James Comey has been compromised. Made to look like a blithering idiot who caved to political pressure. This happens every time an honest man gets into the cesspool of political criminals and thugs who have taken over.


Comey has allowed himself and the FBI to be boxed into a corner by the political elites who will go hell and back to protect themselves and each other. They have made empires for themselves and are untouchable at this point. Personal gain and power drives them all, they will lie, cheat, destroy and yes "kill". They are in the process of doing that to James Comey and the FBI.


They are progressive members of both parties, an Oligarchy made up of a few. The political elite, rich powerful, well connected, corporate cronies and yes some military men.

They FBI has now sunk to new lows and given in to the rich and powerful that have run our country into the ground with massive debt, unending wars, failing schools, crumbling infrastructure, lax immigration policies, corrupt law enforcement and third world country inner cities just to list a few things wrong. Most of it by design to keep you and in our place.

Broke and needing government to survive.

James Comey in a stunning announcement, there will be no charges made by the FBI over the 650,000 emails found on Anthony Wieners laptop just a little over week ago. It took over two years for the congressional investigation to go through 33,000 emails with 33,000 deleted by her lawyers. So much for a transparent and honest government.

The FBI who we held to a higher standard and all Federal Law Enforcement now must be looked at in a different light along with all politicians. They took an oath to protect and defend this country against all enemies foreign and domestic. The domestic enemy is now at our door step and in all branches of government. Hell bent on protecting themselves. Politicians have built themselves empires off of the backs of the American people and there is no one to stop it.


This is where the term elections have consequences comes into play.

As our political consultant, has told us, no one watches the president, he or she has the absolute power to be a dictator if he or she decides to go rogue. He or she can ignore the congress, ignore courts and law. He or she can use executive orders at will.

The congress / senate and judicial branches of government has become complicit with the executive branch of government.  As we’ve witnessed over the last decade there are no longer checks and balances in our government, it requires men and women of faith and honor. What we have here is a hodgepodge of political crooks and flimflammers, protected by each other and the media, in short an Oligarchy.

The only ones that have power over them is you and I on November 8th, it’s our last chance if we leave them unchecked…

They only person the fear is you, me and Donald Trump who has sworn to drain the swamp in DC..