Buzzfeed: How Hillary “Bought Off” Bernie, so much for being a socialist comrade, follow the fame, money and a plane.


A few months ago, it was looking like Democrats would be the ones to hold a contested convention with heavy debates. Comrade Bernie Sanders was trailing Hillary close enough that it looked like there might be a “final showdown” between the two socialist power houses. It was all fake, young people were duped.

Yet, Sanders actually decided to completely drop everything he was running for. He basically gave away the nomination to Comrade Hillary and didn’t even allow his supporters the chance to fight back against his obvious tricks.

And of course, a lot of questions are now surfacing in regards to what appears to be a “set up” for Hillary this entire time.  Well now that Buzzfeed is getting involved we find out. A just released a memo shows exactly why Bernie decided to “give up:” he gets credit for support and a brand new private jet with stream of corrupt Clinton cash. Go figure. The left has too much faith in liars and seem to be stuck on stupid.


Constitutional Conservatives have no room for liars and hates the do nothing elite republican party leadership that's in on the corruption all of us see everyday. Zero accountability for anything they do, even Bernie..

Yes, you read that correctly. The leader of the new liberal movement gave in for a fast ride and bucks. He preached about the benefits of socialism and wealth distribution. Yet, when it came down to it Mr. Sanders likes money just as much as all of the other crooked Democrats. You've got to realize the only wealth redistribution going on is between the politicians, the rich and well connected. Stupid us!!

Sanders has been complaining about corporate greed for decades now. If that isn’t hypocritical, the definition in the dictionary needs to be changed. Old coot!!

Here is exactly what the memo said in reference to the “perks” Bernie would be receiving for publically supporting Hillary:

“Senator Bernie Sanders will back Hillary Clinton in exchange for speaking opportunities at fall campaign rallies, a fully-funded campaign aircraft and a share of the credit for her eventual election and rise to power.”

That came straight from the Breitbart report and it shows just how truly fake Bernie and all of his democrat “friends” really are.


One month Bernie Sanders is campaigning for less government corruption of spending, and now he is comfortable to go back on everything he said for a sweet new private plane and a cushioned stream of cash straight to his bank account. From day won the democratic primary was rigged for Hillary, how did anyone think it was going to be different?


Elites in both party's are afraid Trump will destroy the golden goose, their empire and shine the light on the corruption on it all.

What do we have to lose? A country if Hillary is elected. But, let’s be honest here. Are any of us truly surprised? Of course not. Constitutional Conservatives have been calling this thing from the very beginning. All it takes is some good old common sense to recognize that what the current establishment is doing is wrong and what Hillary and the rest of the Oligarchy will do.

If you thought this was almost as ridiculous as Hillary’s lies, share it on Facebook and spread the word to millennials who's heads are full of shit from the education they've received. Explain what democrats and socialism are really about. It's there if they care to look beyond Hillary's propaganda machine....