It doesn't take long before you wonder what's going on in Parker County? Has our wheel chair bound Governor and legislators, who knows nothing about real gangs given counties run by Good Ole Boys an excuse to fire up their money machine? To go after Bikers in an all out campaign of harassment. Everybody within the system gets a pay day in some way!

CCP 61.02 which gives carte blanche to law enforcement creates a perfect storm for Bikers who find themselves victims of evil men with badges and robes working together. "Good Ole Boys", since Twinn Peaks we've discovered these counties have similar traits. 


#1) Ability To Lie

#2) False Arrests

#3) Poor or No Investigations

#4) Violate Constitutional Rights 

#5) For Profit Jails

#6) Cozy Relations With Tow Companies / Bond Companies / Ankle Monitoring / Pawn Shops.

#7) Collusion With Prosecutors, County Judges. Waco Prime Example.

#8) Asset Forfeitures' 41 million a year in LE's Budgets (recipe for corruption)

#9) Ability To Cover LE Crimes - There is no reporting apparatus to track crimes of LE in Texas. A Law Enforcement entity has no clue when one of their officers commits a crime.


Go figure, on Sunday night Michael Kelsey was arrested for wearing a kutte, not a turn signal as the Deputy tried to suggest. Yup, Sheriffs Deputy announces he's going to arrest him as soon as he pulls out of a Chevron Station for what he was wearing. Clearly this would be a concern for anyone. When leaving the station and seeing the Deputy was going to stop him Mr Kelsey pulled right back in. 


Totally without due process Micheal Kelsey is pulled over and arrested for a turn signal violation and on video admitted he told him beforehand what he was going to do. On top of that his Bike was impounded by Sargent's Wrecker (red flag).


So for the first time in his life he inside a Sheriffs Car and taken to jail run by the Lasalle Corp (red flag)


Goes in front of the Judge gained his release and the citation shows he has satisfied the court's judgment (red flag). What the hell was that? No ones really clear including Mr Kelsey.


$341 To get his Bike from tow company (red flag). That's money stolen from his family's budget.


Lets get this right, Mr. Kelsey is jailed for turn signal violation, has his Bike towed, gets mug shot made public, his address made public, more than likely put into a gang database even though he's never been in trouble with the law and his Club is not listed in the Gang Assessment Report. And was never allowed to face his accuser. Wow!


Clearly the whole thing is unethical to say the least. Maybe the Judge doesn't want the spotlight that's to come their way? Generally Good Ole Boy Systems are not that smart. It will be full speed ahead until it comes crashing down.


On July 31st we received a phone call telling us they do not give interviews. At  the same time we would be charged for the redaction's on body cam videos we had requested. The rate is $15. per hour. This is a first for us and unlike Dallas & Ellis Counties who had no charges for what should be public records.  We think there's a whole lot of risky business going on in Parker County for sure... 


It's a busy summer boys & girls lets ride...



Parker County Sheriffs Mission Statement 


It is the mission of the Parker County Sheriff’s Office to identify and respond to the needs of the community (lie); take the lead in solving community problems (lie); instill a professional attitude (lie); and enhance the overall quality of life through mutual trust (lie), respect, and the fair enforcement of the laws while safeguarding the self-respect of all (lie). The Parker County Sheriff’s Office strives to promote community partnerships to improve the quality of life (lie). It is our commitment to enforce laws firmly yet with compassion while affording dignity and respect to every individual (lie).