Note: We do not capitalise government entities and people that do not deserve it.


We at Texas Biker Radio had been pointing out for years no matter how hard republicans and democrats fought with each other the country continued to slip an abyss of socialist style government. Anytime we heard the word bipartisanship we knew some sort of fix was in that rarely benefited the people.  The one notable thing was no matter what politicians were never held accountable when the crimes were obvious.


Crimes we would spend behind bars for years, maybe decades.


Fast forward to today and it's obvious we were being sold out from within. Politicians on both sides, along with government bureaucrats elected by no one have worked hard installing key people into positions that gave them great influence over the lives of the American people. Creating regulations where there were no laws.


Pinpointing who opened the door for the China infiltration is not that hard, can you say Kissinger?  Henry Kissinger's 1971 diplomacy led to economic and cultural exchanges between the two sides and the establishment of "liaison offices" in the Chinese and American capitals, though full normalization of relations with the People's Republic of China would not occur until 1979. Little did "we" know what that unleashed. But there were those that did as they started buying and selling us out. Eager for chinese money while telling us the billion population and getting into chinese markets, markets we still struggle to get into.


it was hard to explain just how chinese people making so little in pay were all the sudden world travelers. Now we know. CCP members have been distributed around the world to spy and steal. 


Today China makes fun of how many friends they've bought and paid for within our own government, not to mention major corporations whose technology is being stole from within and partnerships with the chineses government.


Yes, if a company moves operations to china they must have as chinese company as (CCP owned) partner. Their job is not only steal technology but to take over by flooding markets with cheap knockoffs. Can we point out windmills? The ironic part of that is we buy our own destruction of American manufacturing, killing our own jobs here at home. Maybe in the future we'll pay more attention when buying china cheap shit? 


Right now we would like to give the members of the deep state fair warning. You have sold us out to foreign entities, you have ignored the Supreme Law of Our Country "The Constitution", you have been exposed. You collectively have participated in an election night coup d'etat along with decades of lies, deceit and outright theft for yourselves and minions.


The Patriots of this country demands this stop now and those perpetrators be jailed in mass. Using any and all methods of Presidential powers to restore the Republic back to the people. It's clear the congress, senate, judicial parts of government have been compromised.


It's not clear how many may have been blackmailed or had death threats. They need to step forward now. Whistle Blowers will be seen as heroes as they are now. Law enforcement within the fbi, cia, hms who participated or knew of the insurrection will find themselves fighting for their careers and fending off jail time. Many will run.


the mainstream media and big tech will find themselves complicit in all aspects, including the all out effort to collapse the economy using the china virus as a weapon for a global reset that benefits the rich and powerful. The strategy has been around for decades. Who benefits? The rich and well connected. Its happened before in other crises, the people go broke, loose everything and the rich buy for pennies on the dollar.


Works for them, huh!  


The Issue Is Never The Issue 

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