In a recent article at All For 1 it was brought to our attention that if you were involved with the TCOCI you might be being profiled or investigated by Waco's grand jury or law enforcement. So far there hasn't been much truth come out of the court system in Waco. We can't bring ourselves to say justice system for there is no such thing as Justice for the innocent in that county.


​For us here at Texas Biker Radio and All For 1 we say bring it on. We know who we are and it's a far cry from being criminals. Had we been there that day instead at a Region 2 meeting it would not be because we expected some kind of trouble. We would have been there as US Defender Members who were part of a successful legislative session, to hear good news and spread the news. We have news for those who might be investigating, moving regional meetings around is nothing new. It happens! 


Until Waco most of our days at Sons of Liberty Riders RC / Texas Biker Radio during the 84th Legislature was working on Motorcycle Safety Issues. Prior to that we were working on Veterans issues and supporting candidates in the last election cycle. Lets not forget our Texas State Legislature 101 video with Texas State Representative Bill Zedler, which was all about educating Texas Bikers just how the Legislature works.


The majority of Bikers that gathered at Twinn Peaks had nothing to do with a so called turf war egged on by undercover LE's. Nobody expected not to go home that day. 


May 17th 2015 after the TP parking lot massacre, mass arrest, outright lies and innuendos just hours after the shooting we saw the need to organize. Since our mission has always been supporting the Constitution and the rights of all Americans we created All for 1. The main mission being supporting those who's Constitutional rights are being trampled on.


Each All for 1 Protest or Rally has been exercising our right to peaceably assemble and send a message not only to Waco but the world.


#1 We are not criminals.

#2. Waco PD & friends set themselves up as judge jury and executioners prior to Twinn Peaks.

#3. The public is being lied to.

#4. We have a good ole boy corrupt judicial systems not only in Waco but across Texas, truth is rarely paramount.

#5. Many (not all) Law Enforcement agencies across the Nation has been turned into militarized thugs who's goal is how much can they confiscate? How many can they incarcerate? How long can they hold a person without charges in order to line the pockets of corporate jails and God knows who else?


Know that Private prisons are moneymakers in some cases (not Waco they piss away tax dollars). Two of the biggest private prison companies in the country, Corrections Corporation of America and the Geo Group, made $3.3 billion in annual revenue in 2012, according to Truthout. Some view their prison stock as viable investment options with “long-term returns” for monetary gain. 

Just two companies spent a combined $45 million on donations to campaigns and lobbyists to influence key issues like immigration at the state and federal levels in the last decade, the Associated Press found.

It has been described as the “prison industrial complex.” The term is often used to describe the ways criminal justice practices — like policing and imprisonment — are developed by the government in tandem with corporate interests. In other words, building prisons and imprisonment tends to result in profits. Does this look and sound like Waco and what they are doing? When private and public partnerships work together hang on to your wallets and freedoms...


​Waco has exposed everything that black communities have been dealing with for decades. How easy it is to indict some one without a badge and how hard it is to indict some one with a badge. You can only mistreat people so long before they fight back. But you must fight back in the right way. 


Our fight is simple Organize like never before.... There is one thing for sure all politicians fear all the way up to President and that's being "outed". There is more than enough material to work with in Waco..


Wave 5 - Once again we return to Waco to Peaceably assemble per the Constitution. We'll bring our bibles and prayer. We ask that all Bikers Unite so that our hearts beat as one. We have been vilified by evil....


The 5th Wave - Sink Swanton   - Sink Government / Corporate Cronyism