Is The Press Dishonest? As A political activist for the past 11 years I can tell you its a resounding yes. The Media will lie, cheat and yes ignore to move you in a certain direction. It's called the nudge and its everywhere, local news, national news, international news and yes our everyday TV shows.


​They are all working in cahoots along with political elites within the Oligarchy to nudge you into accepting their values, their political philosophy / ideology.


​We've certainly seen our share of the nudges in Waco Texas where they regurgitate every word as if its truth. We call it cut & paste Journalism, sometimes fax journalism as they all repeat the same information in unison from elites within the Oligarchy. It's amazing that you can see the exact same message from channel to channel, network to network.


Enter Donald Trump:


For the first time we have a political candidate that has the ability to call them out.  Turn the table with brute honesty. For too long political elites in both parties backed by the media has had their way with the American people.


Tonight the media has fought back, complaining that they had forced him into revealing who got the money and that a certain percentage had just gotten the money in the last two weeks.


Trump during the news conference explained the vetting process and who was involved. Vetting can take a while and when pressured mistakes can be made.


The media should shut their A Holes and let the process work. Only when vets, bikers, militias are involved do they attack with such viciousness.. 


Attacking a worthwhile cause no matter who it might be is wrong, when has the media vetted the Clinton's Foundation that has taken in billions with zero accountability.... Money that has supposedly gone to third world countries who cannot be vetted. How much money has the Clinton's used out of that fund?


Its sick shit and the media is at the center of it all. Instead pf protectors of the Constitution they've become back stabbers of veterans and the American people...


They deserve every bit of criticism that comes their way?


Respect,  MM